Bangkok’s Bars Are Back In Action

Welcome To The Neon Jungle

Nana Plaza - Welcome To The Neon Jungle


Unfortunately, due tovoting for a new Bangkok Mayor, Soi Cowboy was closed on Saturday night. Nana Plaza was open, but bar bosses were very cautiousin Soi Nana. The Thai authorities gave strict warnings that alcohol must not be served last Saturday evening.

We now have good news. The voting for a new Bangkok Mayor is over and the nightlife returns to normal… Well, as normal as can be in a world of fleshy fantasy!

Thethree adult entertainment areas -Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong,are open until at least 2:00am nightly.If you are ona booze cruise, youwill be pleased to know that alcohol is flowing right across Bangkok. Cheers!

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