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  • PATTAYA NEWS – It’s a good time for you to visit Pattaya. Heavy rainfall has not started yet and the girl-to-boy ratio is very favourable. #
  • PATTAYA NEWS – Scores of “FOR SALE” signs and deserted beaches dominate the scene in Pattaya. I fear the worst is still to come… #

  • PATTAYA NEWS – If you think Bangkok is quiet right now, then you should see Pattaya. A good source said, “Pattaya is DEAD.” #
  • Det 5 Bar (Soi 8 Bangkok) posted a link to hundreds of very useful websites. I have already bookmarked it – http://www.allmyfaves.com #
  • DAVES RAVES – Elephants belong in the jungle and not on Bangkok’s roads. They should not be forced to walk up and down Soi Cowboy either. #
  • DAVES RAVES – I think it’s cruel how elephants are forced to walk on Bangkok’s dangerous roads. One day an elephant might go stir crazy. #
  • @MAVinBKK Soi Cowboy becoming a ‘walking street’ at night makes sense to me. Whether it ever emerges is another matter. in reply to MAVinBKK #
  • DAVES RAVES – I like Soi Cowboy because the bars are so easy to enter and exit. With everything on one level it is both safe and convenient. #
  • DAVES RAVES – Soi Cowboy should be declared a ‘walking street’ after 10:00pm. Motorbikes racing up & down in the dark is very dangerous. #
  • Soi Cowboy in Bangkok is a lot of fun to visit. However, a curfew for motorbikes, elephants and hawkers would be a positive move. #
  • DAVES DRAMAS – (Q) What does the Go-Go Guru do in the day? (A) Usually recover from the ‘booze cruise’ the night before! #
  • It got very scary when the British Pound dropped to 49 Thai Baht. However, the UK Pound has recovered very well. Can it reach 60-70 again? #
  • The British Pound is steadily strengthening against the Thai Baht. It has made more ground than a static US Dollar. Good news for Brits! #
  • THAI BAHT EXCHANGE RATES – UK Pound higher @ 55.08 (Buy) & 57.04 (Sell) – US Dollar low @ 33.64 (Buy) & 34.32 (Sell). #
  • (Q) Why drop a slice of lime into San Mig Light? (A) To improve the taste. That’s why I now drink Tiger Light instead. No lime required. #
  • BREW REVIEW – Tiger Crystal Light is the current beer of my choice. I rate it as the best of the light beers. It’s 4% & low calorie. Cheers! #
  • THAI TALES – A customer negotiated the sale of an Angelwitch Showgirl’s knickers. Miss Da dropped her knickers and he dropped her 200 baht. #
  • CALL GIRLS – Thai bar girls are notorious for taking liberties. The ultimate cheek is when a go-go dancer answers her mobile on the stage! #
  • Mercury Go-Go Bar (close to Mandarin Bar in Nana Plaza, Bangkok) runs a Happy Hour until 8:30pm. Standard drinks are only 65 baht. Cheers! #
  • Mercury Go-Go Bar (middle level in Nana Plaza) offers Heineken, Singha, Chang and Thai whisky for only 90 baht all night. Cheers! #
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