Daves Raves – Friday Night Update


Asanha Bucha Day (July 17th) is deemed asa veryimportant Buddhist holiday right across Thailand. In fact, some Thais tell me it is the most important Buddha Day. Today, Friday, July 18th it is Buddhist lent. All devout Buddhists should “tham boon” (make merit) at their local “wat” (temple). Devout Buddhists should alsopray and give offerings to monks, while abstaining from consuming alcohol. I wish you good luck. Chok dee kap!

BANGKOK BARS – Some bars will be closed tonight, butothers are serving as normal. Nana Plaza and the surrounding area is closed. For example, Bully’s Pub is openand they are serving booze. Woodstock Bar in Tonglor are also open. Therefore, I suggest that you try Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Bangkok pubs.

PATTAYA BARS – The beer bars and go-go bars across Pattaya will try to open tonight. However, I am not sure how many will be allowed to open. Have a look around, because some bars will definitely be serving alcohol. Cheers!

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