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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many Asian tourists are currently not visiting Thailand. The drop in Asian visitors is visually very noticeable and the financial impact on the tourism industry is severe.†

Last year there were over 10 million visitors from China. One estimation is that number will drop by 80% or more this year. This is already having a domino effect around the Asia region.

When I visited Pattaya in January, I was the only Westerner on the beach, amid people from various parts of Asia. Right now, there is possibly a scattering of Eastern Europeans and the rest are probably from India.†



Unfortunately, the Thai baht is still too strong against foreign currencies. This alone stops numerous farangs and alike from visiting.† I dare say there are a number of potential visitors sitting on the fence.†

However, in saying that it is a great time to visit Thailand because flights and hotels cost less now. If you shop around on websites like Agoda you will find some great hotel deals, especially places such as Pattaya.

Another good reason to visit is the airports, hotels, beaches, tourist attractions, shopping malls, nightlife areas and public transportation, will be much less crowded. If you like space it’s an ideal time to visit Thailand.†



Daves Raves – Below is a similar article by the Pattaya Mail…†


‘Forgotten’ tourists enjoying Chinese-free Pattaya – Pattaya Mail

Hotels are cheaper, the traffic better and maybe even the service has improved now that Pattaya’s Chinese golden goose has flown the coop. With China banning overseas tours in an effort to combat spread of the coronavirus, Pattaya has taken on the feel of low season even though the calendar says it should still be …


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