New Bar Opens Tonight In Nana Plaza

Straps Coyote Bar Opens Tonight (07/10/2011)

During the build-up to high season, (the tourist season usually commences in November), there is enough happening in Nana Plaza to keep us interested.

Formerly known as Cathouse a new bar opens tonight 07/10/2011 (albeit a soft opening). Following the closure of Cathouse (situated directly above Big Dogs Bar), it reopened momentarily as Bunnies before closing yet again. Since then, ownership has changed hands for a third time and it is now renamed Straps.

I was invited to have a look insideStrapsand it has undergone a serious remodel. The chrome poles on the bar counter means it will feature coyote girls shaking their sexy stuff! Thankfully, it won’t become another stereotypical beer bar with a pool table. Straps will be the first official coyote bar in Nana Plaza.

The new owners are experienced bar operators and I think Straps will be a welcomed addition to Bangkok’s nightlife scene. As always, it remains to be seen how long it will take Straps to become established.

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