As many people are already well aware from midnight tonight there will be no drinking allowed in any of the bars, which carries on till Wednesday, due to the Buddhist Lent.

For non Buddhists who are screeching for a pint, there are still places serving alcohol in the Land Of Make-Believe. Most upmarket hotels are not subject to the booze ban and can still serve at their bars and on Patpong and Silom many bars, and restaurants that serve food can also serve, albeit out of paper cups, or even coffee cups!

The two day Buddhist Holiday coincides with yet another publicholiday today, so for many Thais and expats, this is a five day holiday (counting the weekend), which will no doubt see a lot of peopletaking the opportunity toleave town. Hey, can you blame them? With girls and customers lighter on the ground, it might be a chance to catch up on old friends, finish that book you bought months ago, or try some new venues in a different part of town.

I myself will popdown toPatpongto catch up onmy old friend Guido at the fantasticG’s German restaurant and will likely swingby some of the bars on Patpong including my currentfavorite The Strip.

Stay tuned, as I will be updating my website more regularly. Thanks for visiting!

stunner from the strip courtesy of stickman

Super Sexy Stunner from The Strip courtesy of Stickman





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