Pattaya Bars Closing At 3:00am


Thai authorities are continuing to order beer bars, go-go bars andnightclubs in Pattaya to close at 3:00am sharp. Nobody seems to know why this nightlife crackdown has been imposed and how long it will last.During a critical time for Pattaya’s nightlife scene, this harsh decision is a severe blow. What on earth the Thai authorities think they will achieve is totally beyond disgruntled bar and nightclub owners. Meanwhile,late night revellersare left in a state of shock and bemusement. It’s remarkable to think that Bangkokcurrently offers better late night options than Pattaya. The critical point is that Bangkok does not need to rely uponlate night party-goers, but for Pattaya it isabsolutely essential.The good news is that most of these clampdowns don’t last very long.

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