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Thailand Tonight – 11/09/09

Sunday, October 11th, 2009


It is a fact that growing numbers of foreigners are booking flights to Thailand.  However, just how many of these people choose to visit Pattaya is another matter.  The jury is still out regarding any predictions for a sensational season in the seaside resort of Pattaya.  Unfortunately, the high season in Pattaya is shorter than it used to be.  Nowadays, the high season might not arrive until December and then finish before the end of January.  Let’s hope for all concerned that it is a lengthy and prosperous high season down in Pleasure Playground. (more…)

Dave’s Daily Twitter Updates

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
  • HOORAY! My Bangkok Blog has jumped to a Google Page Ranking of 4 with over 300,000 Page Views in May. Visit – #
  • The party in Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar tonight (May 31) will include the notorious XXX adult party games. An experience not to miss! #
  • Party in Pattaya tonight @ Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar (Soi 15 Walking Street). FREE food and shooters. From 8:00pm onwards. Enjoy! #
  • PATTAYA PARTY TIME – Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar on Soi 15 Walking Street are hosting a party tonight. Free food and free shooters. Party on! #
  • Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (Nana Plaza Bankok) now stock 7 beers – HEINEKEN, SINGHA, BEER LAO, CORONA, SAN MIG LIGHT, TIGER and TIGER LIGHT. #
  • Tiger Light Beer is going down very well. It’s 4% alcohol volume, low calorie and better tasting than San Mig Light. Good discovery! #


Party At Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar Tonight

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

REMINDER – It’s Pattaya party time! Don’t forget the party in Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar tonight. Free food and shooters, plus plenty of adult XXX rated entertainment. Check it out!

LOCATION – @ Soi 15 Walking Street, Pattaya.

Pattaya Go-Go Bars Party Time

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


It’s Party time in Pattaya! This week there are two party nights to attend. The first is this Thursday, May 28th in Sisterz Go-Go Bar. The second is this Sunday, May 31st in Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar.


Sisterz Go-Go Bar host another popular party night. There will be plenty of frisky fun ‘n’ frolics, plus lots of FREE gifts for you guys. The theme is St. Trinians, who are notoriously naughty girls by nature. Come and see Thai girls behaving badly!

MAY MADNESS – For the rest of this month bar fines (Thai takeaway), is only 250 baht before 9:00pm. Is this a case of the early worm catches the bird?

DATE & PLACE – Sisterz on Walking St – Thursday, May 28th.


BABY DOLLS GO-GO BAR PATTAYAYet another one of the infamous Baby Dolls party nights. This time it is “Tim’s Wig & Balls Party.” Tim is a popular guy on the Pattaya forums who still makes all the mistakes of a newbie. On his last visit to Pattaya, Tim went with the girl of his dreams, who turned out to be a ‘cock-in-a-frock.’ Hence the name of the party.  The party starts at 8:00pm, which includes a free feeding frenzy (complimentary buffet), free shooters and lots of frisky fun ‘n’ frolics. Note that if the party funds are still going, there will be adult party games from 11:00pm. Enjoy! 

DATE & PLACE – Baby Dolls, Soi 15 Walking St – Sun, May 31st.

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008


AFTER DARK ASIAOpening a successful go-go bar is a lot harder than it looks. Prior to establishing a successful go-go bar, there are inevitably some important factors to consider. Today, we will look at two of the most important aspects. Firstly, acquiring the right location is the first priority. The three L’s of marketing are; location, location, location. As long as you are in the heart of the action, people can find easily you. I always sigh with disappointment, when a go-go bar name card has a detailed map on the back. We don’t want to waste time doing a map orientation exercise! After establishing a prime location, probably the next consideration is the size and design. You might be surprised how many people overlook these things. I dare say some naïve newcomers think that they just have to open the doors and the customers will arrive in droves.  It is not that simple, as any go-go bar boss will tell you. Great care and consideration should be taken in deciding on the size of the go-go bar. If it is too tiny, you will never be driving around in a brand new Mercedes Benz in this lifetime! You just cannot generate enough profit to lead that kind of lifestyle. Besides that who enjoys being boxed in? Those poky places are only fun for those who like the hands-on approach. (Call me old fashioned, but I thought hanky-panky was for the privacy of the hotel room). I find that most Westerners like to have their own personal space. Lord forbid if anyone invades that personal space. Small bars usually make small profits. (more…)