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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
after dark asia models 001 - Thailand Night Fever


Any visitor to Thailand will soon realise how beautiful many Thai women are. But, they are even more beautiful on November 12th. Today is Loy Krathong, known in English as the “festival of lights.” This traditional Thai festival celebrates the end of the monsoon season. Loy Krathong is celebrated annually to honour the “water spirits” and therefore, to show appreciation to Mae Khong Kha, the “Goddess Of Water.”  In order to demonstrate proper respect, one should dress to impress for the occasion.  Thai women wear decorative silk dresses and many style their hair beautifully with orchids.  It is one of Thailand’s most beautiful and romantic celebrations.  The romantic part is when lovers accompany each other in order to float their boat.  During a brief prayer the Thai women will say, “Kor Kamar Mae Khong Kha.”  This is to honour the Goddess Of Water, and to ask forgiveness for any wrongdoing to the water spirits. I find it fascinating, when we delve into the traditions behind these Thai festivals. (more…)

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