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Bangkok Nightlife Loses Historic Venues

Thursday, March 1st, 2018
club electric blue patpong 1 - Bangkok Nightlife Loses Historic Venues


Two long established venues in Bangkok’s nightlife scene have closed their doors. Club Electric Blue Go-Go Bar in Patpong 2 announced that they were calling last orders for literally the very last time.

Club Electric Blue was one of the go-go bars frequented by resident farangs and tourists alike. But, for the local lads it was the place you visited to have a chat with Big Andy, or one of his managers. The guys would gather at the bar counter and enjoy the company of fellow farang residents. On certain nights it was a very interesting congregation of characters.

Alas, all good things have to come to an end and Big Andy decided to pull the plug. One reason is to concentrate on his other go-go bars, namely Club Electric Blue and Dollhouse down in Soi 15 Walking Street, Pattaya.

RAJAH 25 02 2018 019 - Bangkok Nightlife Loses Historic Venues


The second nostalgic venue to close is Annie’s Soapy Massage. Following an incredible run of 46 years, Annie’s Soapy Massage was forced to close. Increasing running costs and especially, the rent increases led to the demise.

However, Annie’s lovely ladies have relocated to Chrome Bar, which is situated approximately half way down Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 on the left side.

Speaking of Soi 7/1 the former Bangkok Beat venue is still up for sale. Any interested buyers can email me (, or get the contact details from the sign outside. The old Bangkok Beat was a popular venue, especially when my mate Mike was running it.  It’s a good location, conveniently sitting near the entrance to Soi 7/1 from Sukhumvit Road.

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Back On The Beat

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

bangkok beat1 1024x682 - Back On The Beat


Bangkok Beat, long time favorite of many, as one of the top live music venues in Bangkok, seems to be making a comeback.

The bar located on Sukhumvit soi 7/1 just off the BTS Nana and a few yards past the subway sandwich shop, has two live Filipino bands on every night.  I do like a good live band as I have always said it adds atmosphere to a venue.  The current crew are tight and bash out all the classics. Bangkok Beat has always been popular with locals, tourists and long term visitors in the Sukhumvit area.

Of course the Bangkok Beat  has always been famous as a place to pick up freelance girls in Bangkok and I did notice the venue seemed to lose is popularity for a while but that now seems to have returned.  The other night I went and was surprised to see how busy it was.  There is a new Western manager and that always seems to help, but I  did also notice the pool table area was busy.

I have to admit after a few beers around midnight the place was rocking, with a good vibe.

The Bangkok Beat also seems to run some pretty good drink promotions with Jack Daniels on at just 99 baht all night every Thursday.  To get that kind of price and still enjoy  a good live band with some hot freelancers to boot, seems a good deal.

Some mates have mentioned to me that the door security were asking for ID on entry when they went. I believe this is because Bangkok Beat is classed as a nightclub and they are therefore required to check IDs .  I always tell everyone it’s  a good idea to carry a drivers licence, or a copy of your passport, when out and about at night, especially with ‘daft and barmy’ around.

You don’t want to get held up, as some people have done recently, at clubs if the boys in green suddenly show up. Better to be safe and carry some form of ID with you. It might just get you out of a tight spot.

Bangkok Beat is a good place to check out, try the Jack Daniels Thirsty Thursdays 🙂



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Wild Full Moon Party In Bangkok

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

It’s a full moon  today, so it’s supposed to  be a good time to party, have sex, visit a psychiatric ward, or turn into a Werewolf depending on which urban legend you believe in.  Of course, there is no scientific evidence to show the full moon has any effect on our behaviour, but we know the moon does affect the tides and with our bodies being 75% water I suppose it’s possible?

That’s funny, because I can definitely feel gravity pulling me towards a pint tonight!

If you believe that your sex life is energised by a full moon you might want to take your chances at the full moon party at Bangkok Beat tonight (Thursday). The party includes a very tempting 99 baht Sang Som Whisky, (something for the ladies – thoughtful) and prizes for those who turn up in the best fancy dress. Somehow don’t think I’ll be winning that one!

I have always liked the live music at Bangkok Beat and it might worth checking out… cheaper than going to Koh Phangan 🙂

BANGKOK BEAT full moon party 697x1024 - Wild Full Moon Party In Bangkok

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