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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


The bald eagle has landed! Dave The Rave has returned from his reality check to Farangland. So, how was the trip? Did I land in London with a resounding bump? The answer is a definite YES! I dislike the whole chaos of mega busy airports like Heathrow. Although it was my annual family visit, I am pleased to be back in Bangkok. As my luck would have it, this summer was the worst on record. (As most of you know, Britain ranks highly, as having the most miserable weather in the whole of the western world). In reality, the winters are getting longer and the summers are shorter. I have to admit that the catastrophic climate is a depressing characteristic of my motherland. The icy winds and driving rain does nothing to inspire the people. During the holiday, some days the weather was quite reasonable in the daytime, but cold, wet and windy from early evening onwards. We are talking about August here, so I dread to think what the winter months will be like in England. Fortunately, I donít have to suffer the harsh winter in Farangland. This is one of the best things about living in Thailand. We enjoy a 12-month long summer, which is briefly interrupted by the rainy season. Even the so-called Thai winter (akaat yen), is similar to a fine summer in Farangland. Originating from Antarctic conditions, I always appreciate Thailandís wonderful weather. (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008


The next edition of the go-go girly magazine After Dark Asia will be on sale soon. The initial launch date was set for August 8th. However, the publisherís estimation was a little premature. Thailandís top glossy girly magazine will be on the shelves around the middle of this month. One of the partners is an image artist and the other is more of a piss artist! (I just couldnít resist having a joke about good ole Bob). The photographer formerly worked for Penthouse Magazine, which explains the superb quality of the photos. This cover shot is one of the best Iíve seen. It is an excellent photo and the dolly birds are sensationally sensual. Copies are available from newsstands in Bangkok, but After Dark Asia is much more widely available across Pattaya. Check it out! (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008


The frugal folks among us sometimes misinterpret the low season with regards to Thailandís nightlife scene.† They automatically think that the low season is time to come out of social hibernation.† With a sigh of relief they will say, ďAt long last the tourist season is over.Ē† Meanwhile, us party animals enjoy Thailandís vast nightlife scene all year round.† We are so pleased to merrily party 12 months of the year.† But alas, the frustratingly frugal folk think that low season becomes their territory.† This can and often does backfire on them.† Are you sitting comfortably?† Then letís beginÖ (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008


YUI NAUGHT GIRLS GO-GO BAR - PATTAYA - AFTER DARK ASIARegarding the weather, there appears to be some serious climatic changes going on around the world.† Initially, I used to class the three traditional Thai seasons alongside the tourist seasons.† The ideal time to visit Thailand remains the cool season (akaat yen), which usually starts in November and goes through to the end of February.† The vast majority of foreign visitors flood Thailand during this period.† But, shortly after the flood of visitors, the drought begins.† In March, the hot season (akaat rorn) commences and can last into June.† Then there is an inconsistent period, where the seasons transcend from hot and dry to wet and humid.† The rainy season (akaat fun) normally starts some time in June or July and lasts until the end of October.† The transition from the hot season to the rainy season can cause quite a few locals to fall ill.† Also, the temperature change from the rainy season into the cool season sees many natives nursing coughs, colds and fevers.† After all these years living in Thailand, I now suffer the climate change almost as much as the Thai people do. (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

ANGELWITCH GO-GO BAR SHOWGIRLSWelcome to the Thai New Year 2551 and letís all hope it is a good year for Thailand.† Another Songkran has come and gone for most of us, but donít forget that Pattaya will continue the water warfare until this weekend.† I have to say that I thought the Songkran Festival was a bit quiet overall this year.† If you question what I mean by that, then just ask a bar owner.† The go-go bars in Bangkok had fewer go-go dancers, due to many bar girls deciding to go home this Songkran.† Some go-go bars cut their girls as much as 2,000 Baht per day.† This is a very severe cut for not working during Songkran.† However, this can be counterproductive to the bar, because some bar girls will stop† work for the rest of April.† If a bargirl is cut 6,000 Baht that is over 50% of a go-go dancers salary.† Of course, many Thais are on much lower salaries than go-go dancers are.† Most service girls donít earn 6,000 Baht.† Therefore, a bargirl might well think; why should I work for nothing?† I would hazard a guess that in most go-go bars in Bangkok, the takings were down on last year.† Also, I couldnít help but notice that fewer bargirls got into the spirit of things. (more…)

Celebrating Songkran – Thai New Year

Monday, April 14th, 2008

AFTER DARK ASIA MAGAZINESawatdee Pee Mai Kap!† Or in English, Happy Thai New Year!† For those of you who are in Thailand, I sincerely hope that you are having a happy and a safe Songkran.† I say ďsafeĒ because every year hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries are reported.† WATER WARFARE WARNING ó Ensure that you are extra careful on the roads during the Songkran water festival.† Most of Thailand celebrate Songkran from April 13th ó 15th, but in Pattaya it started yesterday and it will continue until next weekend.† I thought that I had better post this as a reminder.† So guys, be aware that the Pattaya ďwater warĒ will last until April 20th.† This year a lot of bargirls have gone home, leaving most go-go bars with fewer go-go dancers.† Even though it is Thai New Year, the closing times in Bangkok remain between 1:00am and 2:00am.† Down in Pattaya most of the go-go bars, pubs and clubs are closing late again.† Good news for the Pattaya party animals.† Party on!† The Thai authorities announced that LARGE water cannons would be outlawed.† However, although the supermarkets listened, there are plenty of big water guns for sale on the street.† You can put that down to the idiosyncrasy of ďAmazing ThailandĒ I guess. I dared to venture out onto the streets of Bangkok this afternoon.† And, as per usual, itís wild Ďní crazy out there folks!† When that ice water hits you and you get cologne powder in your eyes; now thatís a killer!



To show respect to the staff in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, the management have decided to close Angelwitch on April 15th.† It will just be for the one night to allow the Thai staff to enjoy Songkran.† Please note that Angelwitch in Nana Plaza will be closed tomorrow, but Angelwitch in Pattaya will be open.††††


BUDDHIST TEMPLES BANGKOKThe traditional Songkran water festival is a very elegant ceremony, which originated from ancient Siam.† The official Thai New Year is celebrated from April 13th – 15th.† Orchid flowers were placed into silver bowls containing special scented water.† Younger members of Thai families would gently sprinkle the Songkran water over their elder relativeís hands.† This special water was also gently poured onto the shoulder of an elder.† Your own body had to be thoroughly cleaned, along with your house.† You could call it ďreligious spring cleaning.Ē† Songkran in Thailand is not just a tradition of external cleansing, but also personal cleansing of the mind and spirit.† Buddha images are thoroughly washed and sprinkled with special scented water.† Flower garlands are hung around the necks of the Buddha images.† This is then followed by respectful prayers.† Throughout Thailandís multitude of “wats” (Thai temples), you can here the humming tones of Thai people reciting Pali.† (Pali is the ancient scripture of Theravada Buddhism).


I have been informed that the newest edition of After Dark Asia magazine will be on sale just after Songkran.† Look out for After Dark Asia volume 6 on the newsstands throughout Bangkok and Pattaya.† After Dark Asia has established itself as Thailandís top go-go girly magazine.† The photography is excellent.† A copy of After Dark Asia will set you back 150 Baht.† Check out the HOT go-go girls!

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


AFTER DARK ASIA MAGAZINE VOLUME 5I have to say that I am a bit surprised at how much of a debate the smoking ban has become.† This seems to be a very important issue to some Westerners, while other people feel there are bigger problems to deal with.† Down in Soi Cowboy, the smoking ban has been enforced in every bar.† Smokers can be seen having a cigarette outside the bars in Soi Cowboy.† Some smokers are openly displaying their disdain for the new law.† Meanwhile, non-smokers are arguing that it is high time that smoking is banned in all bars right across Thailand.† Non-smokers are clearly saying butt out!† On the other hand, there are smokers who feel hard done by after all these years.

In Nana Plaza, the authorities have not enforced the smoking ban.† Non-smokers should be aware of this fact.† However, in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar they have banned the Thai staff from smoking inside the bar.† This is something of a compromise to the situation.† Customers are allowed to smoke in all of the four Rainbow Bars.† Therefore, rival go-go bars do not want to lose customers to them.† The smoking ban has to be a rule for all if it is going to work. (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


SOI COWBOY - BANGKOK - THAILAND - 05With some bars allowing smoking and other bars not, it does make the smoking ban look like a farce.† There are establishments where the so-called smoking ban has not been enforced whatsoever.† Once again, go-go bars are at the centre of the controversy.† In the Lumpini area (lower Sukhumvit Road), the Hotels and restaurants have been told they must enforce the smoking ban, but some bars in Nana Plaza are currently exempt.† In stark contrast, further along Sukhumvit Road, the bars in Soi Cowboy have been told to comply to the new law.† Down in Pattaya, a number of the go-go bar owners are allowing smoking, but they have been told to be discrete.† Word from Thai sources is that the smoking ban will be enforced eventually, but currently there is a grace period.† Understand that if you can!† Thailandís Ministry Of Health (rather than the police) will apparently be checking to see who is complying to the smoking ban.† After May 31st, 2008 all hotels and public establishments must comply to the smoking ban, or face a 20,000 Baht fine.† So far, it looks like the ban has gone up in a cloud of smoke.† Meanwhile folks, itís just another moment in the Land Of Make-Believe. (more…)