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American Independence Day In Downtown Bangkok

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Celebrate American Independence Day! Thursday, July 4th is the day the Yanks got rid of the Limeys. Tomorrow you can celebrate American Independence Day in downtown Bangkok at two great venues.

Bully’s Pub – Located next to the JW Marriott Hotel, Bully’s Pub are stocking up on Jumbo Hot Dog Meals and Budweiser Beer for your gastronomic enjoyment.

The Game – Down on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 9 you will find The Game Sports Bar & Grill. Award-winning American Chef Andrew Garrity is offering a Hot Dog And A Budweiser Beer For ONLY 199 Baht. Go get this fantastic bargain!

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American Independence Day In Bangkok

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Bully For You! On the 4th of July the place to be is Bully’s Pub. Located between Soi 2 and Soi 4 on Sukhumvit Road, Bully’s Pub will provide a feast on American Independence Day. (more…)

UEFA Champions League Final

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Manchester United VS Barcelona Live

The eagerly awaited UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona will kick off on Sunday morning at 1:45 AM. Here in Bangkok, a few bars and pubs are staying open late to show the big match live.


Football Fever Kicks Off Again!

Friday, August 6th, 2010


Following a disappointing FIFA World Cup (some poor football and appalling refereeing), I am sure many of you are ready for the most exciting football in the world. (more…)

Big Fight Live – Mayweather VS Mosley

Saturday, May 1st, 2010


Floyd Mayweather takes on Shane Mosley for the World Welterweight Title.  It will be an early start for fight fans across Thailand, because the fight card starts at 8:00am on Sunday morning.  However, the main event will not start until some time after 10:00am.  This is one of the most anticipated fights on the boxing calendar and some boxing pundits expect it to be one of the most exciting fights of the year.  As per usual, Mayweather has been shooting his mouth off, but does Mosley have the boxing skills and firepower to silence Mayweather?  The stage is set for a fantastic fight.  Various pubs across Thailand will show this World Welterweight Title Bout including the Robin Hood Pub on Sukhumvit Soi 33/1, Chequers Sports Pub on Soi Nana, Bully’s Pub next to the JW Marriott Hotel and the Pig & Whistle Pub in Pattaya.  It will soon be time to line up the Bloody Mary’s and let’s get ready to rumble!

Chequers Sports Pub on Soi Nana in Bangkok offer a ‘Boxing Breakfast’ which packs a punch!  The details of this super saver are listed below…



Thailand Tonight – 19-12-09

Saturday, December 19th, 2009



Seasons greetings!  Once again Christmas is just around the corner and so, yet another year has almost ended.  I don’t know about you, but 2009 has raced by for me.  This leads me to think, where has the year gone?  I must be having a mini middle-age crisis!  Nonetheless, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays! (more…)

Daves Raves – Weekend Window

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


SATURDAY SPECIAL – Chequers Pub on Soi Nana in Bangkok hosts a party tonight (Saturday, November 14th).  The amiable owner Nick, celebrates his 2nd Anniversary at the helm of the recently renovated Chequers Sports Pub.  Nick is generously offering drinks all night long at Happy Hour prices.  Cheers!

SUNDAY SPECIAL – World Class Boxing will be shown at 11:30am Thailand time this Sunday morning.  Manny Pacquiao takes on Miguel Cotto in ‘Pac Mans’ much anticipated return to the ring.  You can catch the big fight action in Chequers Sports Pub, the Bull’s Head Pub (Sukhumvit Soi 33/1) and most probably at Bully’s Pub (located next to the JW Marriott Hotel).  Furthermore, Chequers Pub are offering a ‘Boxing Breakfast’ for just 245 baht.  It includes the Full Monty Breakfast, plus a bottle of beer, or a Bloody Mary.  Bloody Mary’s will cost only 60 baht all morning.  Cheers!

Thailand Tonight – Sep 27th, 2009

Sunday, September 27th, 2009




The popular nightspot Spice Club has been renamed Climax.  Word is that taxi drivers were taking Spice customers to Spicy instead.  I think it was wise to change the name of the club in this case.  What with Spice, Spicy and Bossy, it was getting confusing for all concerned.  To celebrate the rebirth there is a Climax Party this Tuesday, September 29th.  There will be live music, international DJs, coyote showgirls and your first drink is free.  Spice it up all you want, but we would sooner have a climax! (more…)

Daves Raves – Friday Night Update

Friday, July 18th, 2008


Asanha Bucha Day (July 17th) is deemed as a very important Buddhist holiday right across Thailand. In fact, some Thais tell me it is the most important Buddha Day. Today, Friday, July 18th it is Buddhist lent.  All devout Buddhists should “tham boon” (make merit) at their local “wat” (temple). Devout Buddhists should also pray and give offerings to monks, while abstaining from consuming alcohol. I wish you good luck. Chok dee kap!

BANGKOK BARS – Some bars will be closed tonight, but others are serving as normal.  Nana Plaza and the surrounding area is closed. For example, Bully’s Pub is open and they are serving booze. Woodstock Bar in Tonglor are also open. Therefore, I suggest that you try Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Bangkok pubs.

PATTAYA BARS – The beer bars and go-go bars across Pattaya will try to open tonight. However, I am not sure how many will be allowed to open. Have a look around, because some bars will definitely be serving alcohol. Cheers!

Daves Raves – Buddha Day Update

Thursday, July 17th, 2008


PATTAYA – The bars in Pattaya will be closed on Thursday, July 17th. However, the good news is that the Pattaya bars will be open on Friday, July 18th. This year everybody I speak to is in a state of confusion. It’s Friday night in and so far few go-go bars are likely to open. Last night some locally connected go-go bars in Soi Diamond were open. We presume those same go-go bars will be open again tonight. Head down to Super Girls, Super Baby and possibly Diamond Go-Go Bar in Soi Diamond. No doubt a few beer bars will be discretely serving alcohol, but most go-go bars are likely to be closed tonight.

BANGKOK – Most of the bars in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok will be closed on July 17th and July 18th. Nana Plaza and bars around that area are definitely closed both Thursday and Friday. However, from the information I have received Patpong should be open this Friday night. Talk about an open and shut case!

FRIDAY NIGHT - A few pubs in Bangkok and Pattaya are open tonight. I know for a fact that Bully’s Pub are serving right now as normal. Cheers! 

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Some people have talked about Bangkok’s nightlife scene being in decline.  But, do these people realise the vast scope of Bangkok’s nightlife?  Many of us humans often tend to be creatures of habit.  Some of us tend to habitually frequent the same venues and rarely wander away from our favourite places.  Quite often, the only time I see my resident farang friends doing a whistle-stop tour of the Bangkok bar scene, is when their friends visit them.  There are thousands of nightlife venues in Bangkok.  The variety of nightlife includes multitudes of beer bars, go-go bars, discos, theme pubs, karaoke bars, coyote bars, live music venues, gentlemen’s clubs and highly sophisticated nightclubs.  The likes of Bed Supperclub, The Tunnel and Q Bar are among the very best in South East Asia.  There is plenty of action packed nightlife in the City Of Angels, but sometimes you just have to be more adventurous.  It comes as little surprise that the most popular venues remain busy all year round.  Perhaps consider going to an area that you rarely go to, or you have never seen before.  Like the old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.”  When I joined the recent Stephen Hendry Roadshow in Bangkok, we probably visited more pubs in one week than many people do in a year.  Venture out there and party!    (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008


STEPHEN HENDRY IN THAILANDIt is certainly not every day that a famous sports celebrity rolls into town.  When did you last meet a living legend from the world of sport?  This week it is an honour for a selection of pubs in Thailand to host Stephen Hendry.  For some people who are not familiar with snooker, Stephen Hendry is deemed by many people, as the most successful player in the history of the game.  In any sport, it is a fantastic achievement to become World Champion.  However, Stephen has achieved this feat a record breaking seven times, which is truly remarkable.  I am sure most of you know that snooker is an extremely skilful and highly competitive game.  But, the “Flying Scotsman” made it look all so easy.  For eight consecutive years, Stephen Hendry dominated snooker by remaining top of the world rankings.  Stephen started playing snooker at the tender age of 12.  At 16 years old, he became the youngest ever professional snooker player.  Stephen then went on to become the youngest World Snooker Champion at the age of 21.  It is fair to say that a very special sports celebrity has arrived in Thailand… (more…)

Daves Raves – An Open And Shut Case

Monday, May 19th, 2008

sTRONGBOW CIDER IN THAILANDDue to today being a Buddhist Holiday some bars will be open and some will be closed.  It is something of an open and shut case!  Late last night I found out that most of the bars and nightspots in Bangkok and Pattaya will be closed tonight (Monday, May 19th).  Furthermore, as already predicted, the Thai authorities have ordered beer bars, go-go bars, discos and nightclubs to close out of “respect” for Visakha Bucha, which is one of the most revered Buddhist Holidays.

JOHN SMITH'S BITTER IN THAILANDHowever, there is some good news for those on a booze cruise.  For those of you in Bangkok who won’t be rushing off to a nearby temple, there are at least two pubs open in Bangkok tonight.  I am pleased to announce that the Stephen Hendry Roadshow will go ahead tonight as planned.  Former World Snooker Champion Stephen Hendry will make appearances in Robin Hood Pub (Sukhumvit, Soi 33/1) at 18:00 and then in Bully’s Pub (next to the JW Marriott Hotel) at 20:00.  I will be there to meet a living legend of the baize.  Tonight John Smith’s Bitter and Strongbow Draught Cider will be available at a special discount price in Robin Hood and Bully’s Pub.  Cheers!

Daves Raves – Buddhist Holiday

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

SUNRISE TACOS - BANGKOK - THAILANDHello Guys, I have been thinking about you recently.  Hey, now don’t get worried, because I’m not getting gay here!  I appreciate the large audience that this website has created over the past 18 months.  Therefore, I want to keep you updated more regularly.  Recently, I have been wondering about how I could update the website more often.  You may have noticed that I have created several new pages.  At first, I was so proud to see those new sections up online for the entire world to see.  I thought, “Great stuff!”  Then I thought about the time and effort involved to update them all.  Oops!  I hadn’t taken that into consideration.  For example, if you look at the alphabetical listings, you will see that some are more updated than others are.  Please excuse me for that, but there are only so many hours in a day!  The good thing is that I can keep posting updates and those A-Z listings will eventually fill up with information.  It just takes time that’s all.  Last month this website received the most hits in over a year.  Thanks for all your support; this is what makes it all worthwhile.  Cheers!


BUDDHIST TEMPLE - BANGKOK - THAILANDYou need to be aware that this Monday, May 19th is a Buddhist Holiday.  Wan Visakha Bucha is one of the most important Buddha Days on the Thai calendar.  From the information I have gathered, you will probably find that most nightlife areas across Thailand are likely to be closed on May 19th out of respect.  But, if you ask around you might get lucky.  Remember that restaurants and some pubs will still be open.  In conclusion, remember that the vast majority of go-go bars, beer bars and nightclubs will be closed.  If anything chances closer to May 19th I will post another update.


STEPHEN HENDRY - SEVEN-TIME WORLD SNOOKER CHAMPIONFrom this Monday, May 19th until May 23rd seven-time World Snooker Champion Stephen Hendry will arrive as a guest of John Smith’s Bitter and Strongbow Draught Cider.  Stephen who comes from Edinburgh in Scotland likes Thailand and he has accumulated many Thai fans.  At one time, Stephen Hendry was top of the world rankings for a record eight consecutive years.  Stephen was also the youngest ever World Snooker Champion at the age of 21.  Stephen will be making a series of one-hour appearances at pubs in Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui.  Stephen will make himself available for a questions and answers session, as well as some exhibition frames.  John Smith’s Extra Smooth Bitter and Strongbow Cider will be available for a special discount price at each venue.


In association with Brian Sharp from Scottish & Newcastle Brewery and Rob Murray from Fluid Asia Pacific, Dave The Rave wishes Stephen Hendry a warm welcome to Thailand.


MONDAY, MAY 19th (BANGKOK) — Robin Hood Pub (18:00) – Bully’s Pub (20:00)

TUESDAY, MAY 20th (BANGKOK) — Dubliner (17:00) – Black Swan (18:30) – Hanrahans (20:30) – Jamesons (22:00)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 21st (KOH SAMUI) — Elephant & Castle (17:00) — Islander (18:30) — Tropical Murphy’s (20:00) — PFC Bar (21:30)

THURSDAY, MAY 22nd (PATTAYA) — Flannigans (17:00) — Shenanigans (18:30) — Butchers Arms (20:00) — Queen Victoria (21:30)

FRIDAY, MAY 23rd (BANGKOK) — Soi 8 Pub (17:00) — New Wave (18:30)    


This is similar to an online journal, but “Daves Raves” also provides me with a platform to make additional announcements and/or newsflashes.  These posts will pop up whenever I feel I have something to tell you.


Today I have updated the Nana Plaza Review Page and Pattaya Go-Go Bars A-Z Page.  This will be an ongoing process, so please check throughout the week for updates.  The latest news & reviews are listed with the date at the top of the page for your convenience.


I spend so much time on the internet that the “trouble and strife” (the wife) is convinced that my “mia noi” is my Dell notebook!  (Dave The Rave 2008).

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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008


NANA PLAZA - BANGKOK - THAILAND 002In conclusion, Bully’s Pub has a relaxing atmosphere that appeals to many different types of people.  Bully’s attracts singles, couples and even families.  It is an ideal place to meet friends, unwind after a long day, and/or enjoy live sports on a large TV screen.  Bully’s Pub is a bit more upmarket than other pubs in the area.  The prices tend to be higher and you will pay government tax on all food and beverage items.  Just to let you know where you stand.  It was time to leave the cosy comfort of Bully’s Pub…


Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008


ANGELWITCH SHOWGIRLS IN NANA PLAZA - BANGKOK - THAILANDToday is a special Monday, because it is St. Patrick’s Day.  For the uninitiated, St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.  St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide, but it is a particularly HUGE celebration in America… As I walked inside, I surveyed the scene and within a few seconds, I spotted my friend Rob.  We had arranged to meet at Bully’s Pub, which is located next to the JW Marriott Hotel on Sukhumvit Road.  There was a large table available, so we sat down and soaked up the relaxing atmosphere.  Previously, this place was nothing more than a mere shell, but the new owner ET has done a terrific job of improving it.  We can forget those early days, because Bully’s Pub is now established as one of the most popular pubs in Bangkok.  And, I was about to find out why.  Although it was only 6:00pm, already a crowd was starting to build.  Bully’s Pub draws large crowds and even though it is a large pub, it fills up at peak trading hours. (more…)

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


AFTER DARK ASIA MAGAZINE VOLUME 5I have to say that I am a bit surprised at how much of a debate the smoking ban has become.  This seems to be a very important issue to some Westerners, while other people feel there are bigger problems to deal with.  Down in Soi Cowboy, the smoking ban has been enforced in every bar.  Smokers can be seen having a cigarette outside the bars in Soi Cowboy.  Some smokers are openly displaying their disdain for the new law.  Meanwhile, non-smokers are arguing that it is high time that smoking is banned in all bars right across Thailand.  Non-smokers are clearly saying butt out!  On the other hand, there are smokers who feel hard done by after all these years.

In Nana Plaza, the authorities have not enforced the smoking ban.  Non-smokers should be aware of this fact.  However, in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar they have banned the Thai staff from smoking inside the bar.  This is something of a compromise to the situation.  Customers are allowed to smoke in all of the four Rainbow Bars.  Therefore, rival go-go bars do not want to lose customers to them.  The smoking ban has to be a rule for all if it is going to work. (more…)

Thailand Nightlife Update

Sunday, December 16th, 2007


Tiger Beer In ThailandFollowing the recent dry spell across Thailand, we are now green for go!  Tonight marks the return of alcohol and more importantly the tourist areas can open their bars.  Pattaya Police in particular, took harsh measures by immediately closing any go-go bar that attempted to open on Friday night.  As one established Pattaya go-go bar owner said to me, “The Pattaya go-go bar owners will lose five nights takings this December.”  This is a crushing blow to some bars in Pattaya that are quite clearly struggling.  Not to mention all the poor farangs who have flown across the world to party in Thailand.  Anyway, the bars right across Thailand will be open and serving alcohol from tonight (December 16th).  All together now lads, “HOORAY!” 

There is a catch to this though.  Officially speaking, alcohol is NOT supposed to be served until 10:00pm tonight.  Let us hope that the boys in brown will let the “booze cruise” kick off earlier at around 9:00pm.


Angelwitch Go-Go Bar - Nana Plaza - ThailandSorry to say that next week on December 22nd and December 23rd, these are most likely to be “NO ALCOHOL” nights.  December 23rd is the BIG ONE because this is the day of the Thai Elections.  Thank the Lord when all this nonsense is over!  As you know, millions of people from all corners of the globe fly to Thailand.  Not surprisingly, all of us farangs are totally baffled, because we know we cannot vote.  Furthermore, most of us would have no intentions to vote even if we could.  Why should Westerners have to suffer the ban on alcohol?  The Thai authorities really dropped a clanger this year. 


Moving on to a much more exciting subject than politics; tonight there are two HUGE English Premier League football matches.  It is the Battle Of The Titans!  The mighty reds both face off in another epic encounter, as the English Premiership Champions Manchester United take on Liverpool at Anfield.  Meanwhile in the capital there is a London derby match where Premier League leaders Arsenal host Chelsea.  Both of these matches have the potential to be full of end-to-end electrifying action…





Big Dogs (Nana Plaza), Londoner Brew Pub or The Office (Sukhumvit, Soi 33), Bully’s Pub (next to JW Marriott Hotel), Bull’s Head Pub (Sukhumvit, Soi 33/1), Shadow Sports Bar (Soi Cowboy), Chequers Bar, Hanrahan’s Irish Pub, or Finnegan’s Irish Pub (Soi Nana), Gulliver’s Travellers Tavern (Sukhumvit, Soi 5), or Woodstock Bar (44 Soi Thonglor 13).

Get ready for the Battle Of The Titans.  HERE WE GO!