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Daves Raves – Daily Updates

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


  • WEATHER WATCH - Following intense rainfall in June, which caused some parts of Thailand to be flooded, July is seeing some hot, dry spells.   A slight breeze is a respite from Bangkok’s searing heat.
  • DAVES RAVES – Cathouse in Nana Plaza are offering all bottled beers at only 69 baht.  This super saver runs all night, every night.  This is one of the best drinks deals in Bangkok.  Cheers for the beers!
  • DAVES RAVES – Cathouse (next to Rainbow 3 in Nana Plaza) also run a 2-4-1 drinks deal on draught beers.  A choice of Heineken, Singha and Chang draught, are served in chilled half pint beer mugs.  Enjoy!
  • NANA PLAZA NEWS – Spankys Go-Go Bar (next to Angelwitch in Nana Plaza), has replenished its line-up with a bunch of new go-go girls.  Also, Chang Beer is only 100 baht all night. In addition, new go-go girls have been spotted in Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar and Erotica Go-Go Bar.  Don’t be shy give ’em a try!
  • DAVES RAVES – WBC World Boxing Champion Gary Stretch, visited Angelwitch Go-Go Bar last night. Gary said, “Angelwitch has the best shows in Bangkok.”  Incidentally, talking about Gary Stretch, the end of month sees the release of “The Heavy” which is a British movie starring Gary Stretch, Vinnie Jones and Christopher Lee.  “The Heavy” will be in cinemas from July 31st.  Check it out! 



Are Bangkok Bars Too Expensive?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Some people say that a ‘booze cruise’ in Bangkok is too expensive.  Hey guys, open your eyes!  You just have to know where to look.  Cathouse in Nana Plaza are offering all bottled beers at just 69 baht all night long.  By any comparison that is a hell of a drinks deal.  Even the Cheap Charlie Clan should be foaming at the mouth from this super saver!


Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


NANA PLAZA BANGKOKIf you are looking for a place in Nana Plaza to start your “booze cruise” there are a few options.  I think that most of you guys know that Big Dog’s Bar is a popular choice.  Not just because of its location, but also because Big Dog’s is genuinely a good place to hang out.  With two shifts of bargirls, why wouldn’t it be?  Big Dog’s Bar is a favourite choice of oasis for bestselling author StephenDEAD MEN Leather.  For the uninitiated, Stephen Leather is the author of Private Dancer.  While we are on the subject, if you enjoyed Private Dancer, you might want to read Confessions Of A Bangkok Private Eye.  Steve was the ghost-writer for a series of real private eye investigations in Bangkok by Warren Olson.  Some people are unaware that Steve is a bestselling thriller writer.  His latest thriller is Dead Men.  Steve has just returned to Bangkok for a break away from Farangland. (more…)