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The Risk Of Infidelity Index Video

Saturday, July 25th, 2009



Today’s ‘Video Of The Day’ is ashort trailer of Christopher Moore’s latest crime thriller inhis popularVincent Calvino series. ‘The Risk Of Infidelity Index’ video trailer, was filmed on location inBangkok. Those familiar to Bangkok will instantly recognise some very familiar places around the lower Sukhumvit area. Some of which, are rather notorious! I’m pleased to announce that Chris has made an impact upon readers’ in England with hisVincent Calvino crime thriller novels. This is great news. Congratulations Chris!

Without further ado,here is theVideo Of The Day…

DAVES RAVES – Incidentally, one of my favourite Bangkok novels, apart from ‘Private Dancer’ by bestselling author Stephen Leather, is ‘A Killing Smile’ by Chris Moore. Any newcomer to Thailand’s nightlife scene should read these two books, beforeyou venture into the neon jungles of Thailand.