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Nana Plaza News – 15/04/2011

Friday, April 15th, 2011

If you are not aware, Cathouse Bar located above Big Dogs in Nana Plaza has changed ownership. It is now called Bunnies. The new owners of Bunnies have tried several methods, but still fail to attract the masses.

This just goes to show that cheap drinks are not the answer, especially if a bar has no concept. One thing different about Bunnies is they employ some Filipino girls.


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Wishing You A Happy New Year

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Welcome to the wacky world of Dave The Rave.  I am taking this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.  I will endeavour to keep the Thailand nightlife updates coming regularly throughout 2011.  This will include more nightlife reports and go-go bar reviews.  Plus more photos of sexy Thai girls…  Can you handle it?

IMG 0346 S2 - Wishing You A Happy New Year


Wishing you a Happy New Year, all the best for 2011.  Thank you for your continued loyal support it is always appreciated.  I raise my glass to you.  Cheers!

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DC 10 Is Preparing For Take Off

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

DC 10 Go-Go Bar is situated on the middle level in Nana Plaza, next to Sexy Night and Casanova.  DC 10 is under new ownership and will (hopefully) reopen its doors on Christmas Eve. (more…)

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Cactus Go-Go Bar In Soi Cowboy

Monday, August 16th, 2010

You could say that Cactus Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy has real character.  Well, the guy that runs Cactus Bar is definitely a real character!  Cactus John owns and operates one of those bars that can only be described as very different from the norm.  Native American John, serves up some awesome American home style cooking.  Along with  his wacky charisma and wicked sense of humour, ole Cactus John has attracted a cult following.  If you do visit Cactus Bar in Soi Cowboy, please pass on kind regards from Dave The Rave.  Cheers!

img 7067 - Cactus Go-Go Bar In Soi Cowboy


 MORE ABOUT CACTUS BAR – In case you missed it, I recently talked about Cactus Bar in Thailand Tonight – 04/08/2010 (ninth paragraph down the article).

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Thailand Tonight – 24/02/2010

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

hollywood banner 0119 - Thailand Tonight - 24/02/2010


Nowadays, taking a late night stroll down lower Sukhumvit Road is very different to what it used to be years ago. A continuous row of makeshift mobile bars set up shop after midnight along lower Sukhumvit, right on the roadside. The pavement pubs stretch from Sukhumvit Soi 3/1, right along towards Sukhumvit Soi 19. Some of the pavement pubs sell booze from around midnight until cockcrow. Most of the pavement pubs charge 80 baht for a standard drink, which is reasonable enough.  However, this concrete jungle is a dodgy place, with various creatures of the night on the prowl.  (more…)

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Thailand Tonight – 27/01/10

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


Once again, I thought it was time to visit Soi Cowboy and so, I took a motorbike taxi to ‘Little Las Vegas’ as I call it.  The neon signs glare at you with a kaleidoscope of colours, and you immediately become immersed into the atmosphere.  Nowadays, Soi Cowboy is very different from the dark, dingy and uninspiring place that I visited over a decade ago.  Perhaps it could now be known as, ‘Disneyworld for the big boys and girls.’ (more…)

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Dave’s Daily Twitter Updates

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
  • HOORAY! My Bangkok Blog has jumped to a Google Page Ranking of 4 with over 300,000 Page Views in May. Visit – #
  • The party in Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar tonight (May 31) will include the notorious XXX adult party games. An experience not to miss! #
  • Party in Pattaya tonight @ Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar (Soi 15 Walking Street). FREE food and shooters. From 8:00pm onwards. Enjoy! #
  • PATTAYA PARTY TIME – Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar on Soi 15 Walking Street are hosting a party tonight. Free food and free shooters. Party on! #
  • Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (Nana Plaza Bankok) now stock 7 beers – HEINEKEN, SINGHA, BEER LAO, CORONA, SAN MIG LIGHT, TIGER and TIGER LIGHT. #
  • Tiger Light Beer is going down very well. It’s 4% alcohol volume, low calorie and better tasting than San Mig Light. Good discovery! #


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Party At Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar Tonight

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

REMINDER – It’s Pattaya party time! Don’t forget the party in Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar tonight. Free food and shooters, plus plenty of adult XXX rated entertainment. Check it out!

LOCATION – @ Soi 15 Walking Street, Pattaya.

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Thai Titbits – A Titter on Twitter

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Dave The Rave joins the popular and I have definitely caused a titter on twitter! After only 2 days I’ve done some damage – loads of posts and a load of followers. Actually, I think it is fun. Baron Bonk recommended that I join and I am enjoying Twitter. However, I don’t know if I can keep up the frenetic pace. Only time will tell.

I try to concentrate on my own website (WordPress blog), so I don’t join Facebook, MySpace, etc., etc… However, I would recommend giving Twitter a try. I hope to see you Twittering on Twitter soon. Don’t be shy give it a try! Join and become one of my followers. On Twitter I feature fresh Thailand nightlife news daily.

PATTAYA NIGHTLIFE NEWS – Coyotees Go-Go Bar is set to reopen tonight (May 19th), with a new Thai team of key staff.

Thanks for visiting!

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Pattaya Party In Club Mistys Go-Go Bar

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

club mistys1 - Pattaya Party In Club Mistys Go-Go BarTick-tock says the clock… Time is fleeting and I have to post this reminder. Tonight in Pattaya, Club Mistys Go-Go Bar celebrates its 1st birthday with a special party. You might remember that Mistys Go-Go Bar was formerly located in Soi Pattaland 2, but has since been relocated and renamed to Club Mistys on Soi 15, Walking Street. Time certainly flies, because a year in the new location has passed already. There will no doubt be the usual ‘Pattaya party priveleges’ (cheap booze and free feeding frenzy) for the party people who attend Club Mistys birthday bash. Enjoy! 

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Think Of Jogging Think Of Blogging!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Recently, I feel I’m really getting into the swing of things with my blog. There are already 21 posts this month and it’s not the end of April yet. That’s not bad blogging at all. 

Here is a brief explaination for those who are unfamiliar with certain terms. A ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’ or online journal. ‘Blogging’ is the art of updating a weblog. OK guys, got it?


Blogging can be compared to running a marathon race, rather than the 100 yard dash. Think of jogging, think of blogging!

Rather than writing one long article per week, I break it up into bite-sized pieces throughout the week. This leads me to inform you that I will be posting articles several times throughout the week. Check back regularly, because I will endeavour to post every 1-3 days. And yes, you can hold me to that! All I can say is that I will give it my best shot.


Limited time is my biggest challenge. My mates don’t know how I do it. I run Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza at least six nights every week. Furthermore, I am busy taking care of a house with four bedrooms, a Thai wife and a sister-in-law, a Thai maid, and three lovely, but very lively dogs! Sometimes, I wonder how I manage to host a popular website. However, I believe that if your heart is in it (whatever “it” is), you will make time somehow.

RECENT UPDATES – Oh yes, before I forget, there are 15 updates to the BANGKOK BARS AND PUBS PAGE

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A Thai Bar Girl’s Diet Is Fried Insects

Friday, April 24th, 2009

“Westerners eat with their eyes, Thais eat with their hearts.”

 I don’t class myself as squeamish at all, but the sight of fried insects being devoured by Thai bar girls is rather off-putting. Have you seen those creepy creatures? Today, I dedicate ‘Photo Of The Day’ to a close-up of a grasshopper. It looks crispy and shiny, but has obviously seen better days. I spotted a Thai bar girl sitting outside a go-go bar in Nana Plaza, she was chomping away at something. The young, petite go-go dancer was munching and crunching away on a plastic bag full of grasshoppers. I cannot possibly imagine a deep, long kiss with her at that moment. Can you envisage that?

grasshopper 01 - A Thai Bar Girl's Diet Is Fried Insects


I was pleased with this image taken with my Canon 450D SLR camera. I was experimenting with ‘depth of field’ and I got the result that I wanted. I’m satisfied with the clarity and detail of the grasshopper.

I would photograph an insect, but eat one, no way!

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Sisterz Go-Go Bar Party Night

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

sisterz go go bar pattaya 0012 210x300 - Sisterz Go-Go Bar Party Night


Sisterz Go-Go & Show Bar (Walking Street, Pattaya), are hosting another Limbo Dance Party. If you are in Pattaya on Thursday, March 26th, go along to what is billed as, “Thursday Night Extravaganza.” These have become popular party nights in Pleasure Playground. Sisterz Go-Go Bar opens her doors at 8:00pm and the ‘go-go limbo’ contortionist rounds start at 9:30pm. Judging by previous events, Sisterz expects to draw a good crowd. Therefore, go early to ensure that you get a front row seat.  During the night, there will be some giveaways for the customers. For a definitely different night out (even by Pattaya standards), watch the dancing dolly birds line up to see how low can they go. Furthermore, the ‘how low can they go’ also applies to the drink prices in Sisterz Go-Go Bar. The drinks are so cheap that even the local lads will be frothing at the mouth! How low do they go? Just check out these outrageous prices…


Sisterz has introduced an excellent value-for-money Happy Hour. From 8:00pm until 11:00pm nightly, beer drinkers can slurp suds for the ridiculously low price of 48 baht. Yes, that’s right just 48 baht! (This is so serious that the “FFF” or ‘Frugal Folks Federation’ have called an emergency meeting). The beer selection includes large glasses of draught Chang Beer. Bottled beers include Tiger Beer, Singha Beer and Chang Beer. More beers and more cheers!


For those wishing to get into the ‘spirit’ of things, you can enjoy a selection of standard spirits for only 48 baht. However, with some quality house spirits on offer during Happy Hour, this might be a better drinks deal than elsewhere. Even after 11:00pm, all Happy Hour drinks are available for just 79 baht until the bar closes. Now that’s the spirit lads! 


In addition, cheap shots of the aptly named ‘Pussy Juice’ are going for a song at 50 baht. Remarkably, if that doesn’t tickle your fickle, there is a broad selection of alternative 50 baht shots available. Just ask the service staff for the full menu of shooters. Enjoy!


Today it is Gerry Finnegan’s birthday. Check out the post below to read about the Bangkok Birthday Bash…


Nana Plaza Reviews Page  – Updated March 25th, 2009

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Club Mistys Party Night

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

club mistys - Club Mistys Party Night


Formerly named Mistys Go-Go Bar in Soi Pattayland 2, the renamed and relocated Club Mistys is now situated on Walking Street (Soi 15). On Thursday, February 26th, there is a birthday bash for Paul. If you are not aware, Paul is the amiable manager of Club Mistys. Promises to be a great party night, so you are welcome to join Club Mistys and celebrate in style. There will be some special shows, party shooters and free food.


club hombre banner1 - Club Mistys Party Night


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Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza Updates

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

kiss go go bar cheerleader - Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza Updates



For those of you who are seeking more go-go bar updates, I have updated two pages. This week I updated the Soi Cowboy Reviews Page and also the Nana Plaza Reviews Page.

I have also updated the All Contents Page. Happy Hunting!

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Soi Cowboy Nightseeing Tour

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

What do most people do on their days off? I suppose they relax, watch TV, surf the internet, spend quality time with their other half, go shopping, visit their favourite restaurant, pursue their favourite sports or hobbies, or go to see a movie. What does Dave The Rave do? He goes on a barman’s holiday, (I don’t drive buses) and visits the go-go bars in Soi Cowboy. Being the Go-Go Guru, old habits die hard, which is not surprising. And so, on a night off from my duties in Angelwitch, I decided to meet up with Sanook Shaun in Soi Cowboy. I know I’m fortunate to have this lifestyle, but I like to think my ‘sacrifice’ is for you guys! (more…)

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Go-Go Dance Contest In Soi Cowboy

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

SOI COWBOY BANGKOK THAILAND 05 - Go-Go Dance Contest In Soi Cowboy

If you intend to hit the town in Bangkok tonight, then make your way to Soi Cowboy. The recently refurbished Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar are hosting a Go-Go Dance Contest tonight. A motorcycle is the top raffle prize. All proceeds will be donated to orphans and children with AIDS. Seeing that this is a charity event, please try to support it if you can. I expect Suzie Wongs will have a packed house, so don’t arrive too late. May the dirtiest dancing doll win!

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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

yui naughty girls pattaya thailand - Thailand Night Fever


Recently I have visited Finnegan’s Irish Pub down in Soi Nana. This past week Finnegan’s has done a brisk trade, while other pubs in the vicinity remain quiet. Admittedly, it is a small pub, but they have built up a good crowd of regulars. Although Finnegan’s attracts a healthy following, I think it is underrated in some ways. The excellent food alone should be a BIG draw. Check out the excellent menu, I think you will be impressed. Please say hello to Gerry, the friendly Irish owner. Cheers! (more…)

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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

after dark asia volume 7 - Thailand Night Fever


The next edition of the go-go girly magazine After Dark Asia will be on sale soon. The initial launch date was set for August 8th. However, the publisher’s estimation was a little premature. Thailand’s top glossy girly magazine will be on the shelves around the middle of this month. One of the partners is an image artist and the other is more of a piss artist! (I just couldn’t resist having a joke about good ole Bob). The photographer formerly worked for Penthouse Magazine, which explains the superb quality of the photos. This cover shot is one of the best I’ve seen. It is an excellent photo and the dolly birds are sensationally sensual. Copies are available from newsstands in Bangkok, but After Dark Asia is much more widely available across Pattaya. Check it out! (more…)

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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008


AfterDarkAsiaMagazine01 - Thailand Night FeverOpening a successful go-go bar is a lot harder than it looks. Prior to establishing a successful go-go bar, there are inevitably some important factors to consider. Today, we will look at two of the most important aspects. Firstly, acquiring the right location is the first priority. The three L’s of marketing are; location, location, location. As long as you are in the heart of the action, people can find easily you. I always sigh with disappointment, when a go-go bar name card has a detailed map on the back. We don’t want to waste time doing a map orientation exercise! After establishing a prime location, probably the next consideration is the size and design. You might be surprised how many people overlook these things. I dare say some naïve newcomers think that they just have to open the doors and the customers will arrive in droves.  It is not that simple, as any go-go bar boss will tell you. Great care and consideration should be taken in deciding on the size of the go-go bar. If it is too tiny, you will never be driving around in a brand new Mercedes Benz in this lifetime! You just cannot generate enough profit to lead that kind of lifestyle. Besides that who enjoys being boxed in? Those poky places are only fun for those who like the hands-on approach. (Call me old fashioned, but I thought hanky-panky was for the privacy of the hotel room). I find that most Westerners like to have their own personal space. Lord forbid if anyone invades that personal space. Small bars usually make small profits. (more…)

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