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Bangkok & Pattaya Go-Go Bars A-Z

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

This week I have added some New Pages that I hope you will find useful.  Some of the A-Z lists are not complete, but I will be udpating them frequently.  Please check the date at the top of each page.  They are listed below with links…

An A-Z listing with go-go bar reviews of Nana Plaza

An A-Z listing with go-go bar reviews of Soi Cowboy

An A-Z listing with go-go bar reviews of Pattaya

*NEW PAGE* – A-Z listing of pubs in Bangkok

*NEW PAGE* – A-Z listing of hotels in Bangkok

For an overall list of this sites sections check HERE

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


SOI COWBOY - BANGKOK - THAILAND - 05With some bars allowing smoking and other bars not, it does make the smoking ban look like a farce.  There are establishments where the so-called smoking ban has not been enforced whatsoever.  Once again, go-go bars are at the centre of the controversy.  In the Lumpini area (lower Sukhumvit Road), the Hotels and restaurants have been told they must enforce the smoking ban, but some bars in Nana Plaza are currently exempt.  In stark contrast, further along Sukhumvit Road, the bars in Soi Cowboy have been told to comply to the new law.  Down in Pattaya, a number of the go-go bar owners are allowing smoking, but they have been told to be discrete.  Word from Thai sources is that the smoking ban will be enforced eventually, but currently there is a grace period.  Understand that if you can!  Thailand’s Ministry Of Health (rather than the police) will apparently be checking to see who is complying to the smoking ban.  After May 31st, 2008 all hotels and public establishments must comply to the smoking ban, or face a 20,000 Baht fine.  So far, it looks like the ban has gone up in a cloud of smoke.  Meanwhile folks, it’s just another moment in the Land Of Make-Believe. (more…)