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UEFA Champions League Final

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Manchester United VS Barcelona Live

The eagerly awaited UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona will kick off on Sunday morning at 1:45 AM. Here in Bangkok, a few bars and pubs are staying open late to show the big match live.


Daves Raves – Weekend Window

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


This Sunday it is the battle of the reds in the English Premier League.  Liverpool take on Manchester United at Anfield.  The game kicks off at 9:00pm Thai time and it will be shown live in the Bull’s Head Pub located opposite Emporium Shopping Centre in Sukhumvit Soi 33/1.  The Bull’s Head is just one of many pubs across Thailand that will definitely be showing this footy match.  I’m sure many of us eagerly await this clash of the red titans…

English Premier League - Liverpool V Manchester United

Daves Raves – Daily Updates

Saturday, July 4th, 2009


  • THAI TV REPORT – Thais are spending far less money in restaurants and other eateries. Many Thais now eat street food, or cook at home. #
  • THAI TV REPORT – Thais are now spending much less. There is a sharp decline in the local consumer and entertainment markets. #
  • CELEBRATING INDEPENDENCE DAY – Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza will give all Americans a free drink if you can name the current President Of America.  I will take this opportunity to wish our American friends a Happy Independence Day.  Cheers! #
  • SPORT – Sir Alex Ferguson made a surprise swoop and has signed striker Michael Owen for Manchester United.  The former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Newcastle United player is delighted that Sir Alex has signed him up.  I wish Michael Owen the very best of luck at Manchester United.  Here is the full story from  BBC NEWS
  • CELEBRATING INDEPENDENCE DAY IN PATTAYA – There is a special 4th Of July Party in Sisterz Go-Go Bar tonight.  All the usual drinks deals and free giveaways. 

Live Music At The Penalty Spot Pub

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009


Conveniently situated just a few sois away from Soi Cowboy, you will find The Penalty Spot Pub. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 29, this sporty bar has ownership connections with Tilac Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy. Whether you are doing a Sukhumvit stroll from Soi 33 to Soi 23 or viceversa, Sukhumvit’s latest sports pub is a suitable place for a pit stop. Pleasant enough decor is inviting, as it is rather different to the norm. After drinking in pubs for over 30 years, it is encouraging to see something a little bit different. Footy fans can ‘catch the match’ with English Premier League Football being the main live TV event.  The English Premiership football is really getting into gear, with Manchester United going top of the table. Come on you Red Devils!


Apart from several TV screens showing live sports, The Penalty Spot provides good live music entertainment on a nightly basis. Multi-talented singer and guitarist Richie Walker is the live music artist on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Richie performs from 6:30pm until 9:00pm. Richie can sing a variety of songs ranging from the Bee Gees to The Beatles. Richie’s rendition of ‘Layla’ by Eric Clapton is particularly good. The alternative live music artist is Johnny ‘the one-man band’ who is something of a human jukebox. Although not in Richie’s league, Johnny has a vast repertoire of songs, all coming from a sound memory. Johnny performs on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays up until 9:00pm. A resident band play cover songs from around 9:00pm until late. Worth a visit if you are on a ‘booze cruise’ between Soi Cowboy and Soi 33. You don’t have to be a footy fan to hit The Penalty Spot! 

Something else? The Soi Cowboy Reviews Page and the Nana Plaza Reviews Page have been updated this week. Cheers!

Thailander Webzine – Volume 1

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Welcome To Thailander Webzine!

BANGKOK THAILANDWho is a Thailander?  A Thailander is very simply any person who likes Thailand.  I coined the expression in order that we can feel we are all part of a very special group of people.  And, we are special people!  Don’t worry, because if you like Thailand you are automatically a Thailander.  This newly launched “Thailander Webzine” will be posted in addition to my Wednesday weekly editions of Thailand Night Fever

(The photo of Wat Arun was taken by Annie).

Welcome fellow Thailander!


How Big Is Thailand?

Thailand has a land area of 513,115 square kilometres.  Thailand is approximately the same size as France, but it’s a lot more fun!       


Mexican Fiesta At Sunrise Tacos

SUNRISE TACOS BANGKOKCinco De Mayo, or the Fifth Of May, is a day that is celebrated all over the world.  In Mexico, or wherever the culture of Mexico is celebrated, families, friends and neighbours gather to have a fiesta in honour of the event.  This festival observes the 1862 victory of 4,000 ill-equipped Mexicans over 8,000 well-equipped French invaders!  The battle known as the battle of Puebla took place on (you guessed it) May 5th.  Today, all is forgiven, with fiestas planned in Mexico and in many communities around the world. Gringos who have little idea why they are coming to a Cinco De Mayo celebration are happy to celebrate the day and join in the fun and parties on May 5th. 

Cinco De Mayo is this Monday and Sunrise Tacos is ready to give their guests a fiesta of their own!  Festivities will include a giant frozen margarita with flavours of Lime, Mango and Fresh Strawberry.  You also will get to keep the giant souvenir glass!  This Margarita by-the-yard (800 ml or 27 ounce) glass comes with three shots of tequila and one shot of triple sec, along with the freshly squeezed juice for only 199 Baht + Vat. (50% off the price at Sukhumvit Soi 12).  This offer is valid on Monday, May 5th at the Sukhumvit Soi 12 and Siam Paragon branches.  Cheers!

To celebrate this fun holiday and all the tasty meals that go with it, for every 500 Baht your party spends on food at Sunrise Tacos that day, you will get one FREE “I Love Tacos” or “I  Love Burritos” shirt (valued at 250 Baht). This offer is valid for the Emporium, Siam Paragon and Sukhumvit Soi 12 locations, and is valid on Monday when you call for delivery at 02-229-4851 or order online at –

You will be pleased to know that the restaurant, delivery service and takeaway service is 24 hours a day.

Mexican food is a huge part of celebrating Cinco De Mayo, so be sure to celebrate it at Sunrise Tacos, for one of the biggest fiestas of the year.


Pattaya Bars Are Closed Tomorrow

TIGER BEER IN THAILANDSorry to have to tell you this news, but the bars in Pattaya are CLOSED tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Saturday, May 3rd coincides with the local elections in Pattaya.  I want you guys to be aware of this, so that you can plan accordingly.  Also, you need to know that this only affects the Pattaya nightspots.  The rest of Thailand’s nightspots remain unaffected on May 3rd.

The decision to close the bars in Thailand, because of the local elections is a strange one to say the very least.  However, fighting it is futile and furthermore, trying to understand it is impossible!  We can’t do anything about it, so we might as well learn to live with it.

Late Closing Hours Reinstated In Pattaya

The good news for Pattaya is that the authorities have reinstated the late closing hours.  Once again, the Pattaya go-go bars can stay open until at least 3:00am and some of the discos and clubs are open until cockcrow.

The situation in Bangkok is also changing.  A nightclub owner told me that his club can now stay open until 2:00am.  They were being closed at midnight.  I dare say that nightclubs across Thailand have lost a lot of money. 

HOORAY!  Bangkok nightspots including Nana Plaza can now stay open until at least 2:00am.  About time too!


Dave The Rave’s Birthday Bash

BUDDHIST FLOWER GARLANDSI have to say that my birthday bash on Wednesday, April 30th was very enjoyable this year.  I was given a lovely birthday cake from Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (coffee flavour), plus a bottle of JW Black Label, a bottle of tequila, plus a special present from Matt and Pim, the co-owners of Angelwitch.  My friends surprised me with presents, which included a super Manchester United T-shirt from Leigh.  I was also given a special bottle of Crown Royal whisky from Mr Ed my webmaster.  There were lots of drinks and not forgetting plenty of hugs and kisses from the girls in Angelwitch.  Considering it is low season, I was very grateful that so many guys made a special visit to Angelwitch for my birthday. In addition, my phone was full of SMS messages and I have a backlog of emails to work through.  I was touched by your kindness.  This was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.  I wish to thank you all for making my 45th birthday so special.  Cheers!


Check Out The New Pages

For those that may have missed the post, I have added some new pages.  You can view the new pages on the Contents Page.

Thanks for visiting.  Reporting live from the heart of Thailand…

Dave The Rave


Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008


FLYING TO BANGKOK THAILANDThis passed week has been very hectic.  Unfortunately, my wife’s Grandmother (Yai in Thai) passed away.  She was a very sweet old lady of 84 years old (RIP Yai).  My wife was told to return home quickly and at least she was able to see Yai before she passed away.  I could not go to pay my respects to Yai, because I had to take care of things in Bangkok.  I have been busy being both dog sitter and housekeeper!  Also, I had to run Angelwitch every night because Matt was in Germany visiting his family.  This week’s “Thailand Night Fever” might be a bit shorter than usual.  So, if it’s short and sweet, I hope you find it an interesting read…  (more…)

Thailand Nightlife Update

Sunday, December 16th, 2007


Tiger Beer In ThailandFollowing the recent dry spell across Thailand, we are now green for go!  Tonight marks the return of alcohol and more importantly the tourist areas can open their bars.  Pattaya Police in particular, took harsh measures by immediately closing any go-go bar that attempted to open on Friday night.  As one established Pattaya go-go bar owner said to me, “The Pattaya go-go bar owners will lose five nights takings this December.”  This is a crushing blow to some bars in Pattaya that are quite clearly struggling.  Not to mention all the poor farangs who have flown across the world to party in Thailand.  Anyway, the bars right across Thailand will be open and serving alcohol from tonight (December 16th).  All together now lads, “HOORAY!” 

There is a catch to this though.  Officially speaking, alcohol is NOT supposed to be served until 10:00pm tonight.  Let us hope that the boys in brown will let the “booze cruise” kick off earlier at around 9:00pm.


Angelwitch Go-Go Bar - Nana Plaza - ThailandSorry to say that next week on December 22nd and December 23rd, these are most likely to be “NO ALCOHOL” nights.  December 23rd is the BIG ONE because this is the day of the Thai Elections.  Thank the Lord when all this nonsense is over!  As you know, millions of people from all corners of the globe fly to Thailand.  Not surprisingly, all of us farangs are totally baffled, because we know we cannot vote.  Furthermore, most of us would have no intentions to vote even if we could.  Why should Westerners have to suffer the ban on alcohol?  The Thai authorities really dropped a clanger this year. 


Moving on to a much more exciting subject than politics; tonight there are two HUGE English Premier League football matches.  It is the Battle Of The Titans!  The mighty reds both face off in another epic encounter, as the English Premiership Champions Manchester United take on Liverpool at Anfield.  Meanwhile in the capital there is a London derby match where Premier League leaders Arsenal host Chelsea.  Both of these matches have the potential to be full of end-to-end electrifying action…





Big Dogs (Nana Plaza), Londoner Brew Pub or The Office (Sukhumvit, Soi 33), Bully’s Pub (next to JW Marriott Hotel), Bull’s Head Pub (Sukhumvit, Soi 33/1), Shadow Sports Bar (Soi Cowboy), Chequers Bar, Hanrahan’s Irish Pub, or Finnegan’s Irish Pub (Soi Nana), Gulliver’s Travellers Tavern (Sukhumvit, Soi 5), or Woodstock Bar (44 Soi Thonglor 13).

Get ready for the Battle Of The Titans.  HERE WE GO!