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Dolly Of The Day

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Mandarin Go-Go Bar

(Middle Floor Nana Plaza Bangkok)

Photo By Stickman Bangkok ©

Mandarin Go-Go Bars

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Daily Drinks Deals

While the foreign exchange rates remain favourable to the strong Thai baht, drinking in Bangkok can seem expensive. Therefore, it is great to see special promotions in Bangkok’s go-go bars. 

The Daily Drinks Deals at Mandarin Go-Go Bar and Mandarin Table Dance are excellent for variety and bang-for-baht.

Shown on the poster below, this is one of the best drinks promotions in Bangkok. The Daily Drinks Deals features different brands of spirits at just 99 baht all night every night. Enjoy! 

Mandarin Go-Go Bars are situated on the Middle Floor in Nana Plaza.

Mandarin Bar Daily Drinks Deals

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Today, I want to bring your attention to a Daily Drinks Deal, which is one of (if not) the best bang-for-baht drink promotions for any go-go bar in Bangkok.

For just 99 baht you can drink spirits all night long at Mandarin Go-Go Bar and Mandarin Table Dance Bar. Check out the poster below to see which drinks are on offer, as they rotate daily. 

There are some go-go bars that run Happy Hours, but this particular promotion is better, as it runs all night and every night.

Another thing I like is they are all good brands of spirits. These days there are plenty of beer promotions, but not so many liquor promotions. Therefore, it is good to discover one for the spirit drinkers. Check it out!  

Mandarin Go-Go Bar is located on the Middle Level of Nana Plaza. You will find it at the top of the escalator, next door to Mandarin Table Dance Bar



Bangkok’s Got Talent – Mandarin Go-Go Girls

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Photo Of The Day – Mandarin Go-Go Girls

Are you sitting comfortably? I have a special treat for you today. In today’s photo, there are two Bangkok babes from the popular pleasure palace Mandarin Go-Go Bar, which is located on the middle level in Nana Plaza.

sexy thai go go girls (more…)

Thailand Tonight – 29/04/2010

Thursday, April 29th, 2010


Despite the recent bomb blasts at Sala Daeng Skytrain Station, I decided a visit to Silom was long overdue.  I spontaneously felt I needed to go and report what was happening in Patpong. (more…)

Thailand Tonight – Oct 4th, 2009

Sunday, October 4th, 2009


There are early indications that the forthcoming high season in Nana Plaza is likely to be better than expected.  Well, this at least applies to the most popular go-go bars.  Some go-go bars in Nana Plaza are very busy for the beginning of October.  For instance, last Friday night was one of the busiest nights in Angelwitch for the entire year.  The show ‘n’ go-go bars are continuing to do a brisk trade at weekends.  The main show bars in Nana Plaza are, Angelwitch, Spankys and Hollywood Carousel. (more…)

Thailand Tonight – Sep 16th, 2009

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


There is a Birthday Bash at Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar this Friday, September 18th, for the manager Tukata. Pretty Lady offers a ‘free feeding frenzy’ and beers are only 100 baht all night. If you have lost your bearings, Pretty Lady is located on the ground level on the left-hand side, as you enter Nana Plaza. Apparently, there are also some exciting shows. You will be welcomed with open legs… Oops! I mean open arms. (more…)

Nana Plaza Update – Go-Go Guru Guide

Monday, August 3rd, 2009


  • NANA PLAZA – Spankys Go-Go Bar offer ‘short time’ barfines (up to 90 minutes – 7:00-11:00pm) for only 300 baht. Now this is a great deal @ 50% off guys!
  • NANA PLAZA – The Crown Group Go-Go Bars have unwisely raised the price of standard beers and spirits to 145 baht. It’s unbelievable!
  • CROWN GROUP GO-GO BARS – These are the go-go bars in question – Carnival, Lollipop, Voodoo, Fantasia, G-Spot, Hollywood Rock, Cascade, Obsession and Casanova. (For your info, all these go-go bars are not ‘showing’ and the last three on the list are ‘katoey’ or lady boy bars).
  • NANA PLAZA – Spankys Go-Go Bar now have sexy dolly birds performing shows nightly from 10:00pm. In addition, Spankys has just installed a shower unit. Worth a visit. 
  • NANA PLAZA – Erotica Go-Go Bar currently has a sexy set of go-go girls. They have slender figures and they are farang friendly too. Also, Erotica offer Tiger Light Beer for only 69 baht from 6:00-9:00pm. Don’t doubt just check ’em out!
  • NANA PLAZA – Mandarin Go-Go Bar has arguably the sexiest bunch of go-go girls in Nana Plaza right now. Don’t be shy give ’em a try!
  • RAINBOW ROUNDUP – My ‘Q’ Factor says that Rainbow 4 is higher on quantity of go-go girls, whereas Rainbow 1 is higher on quality. Do you agree?

Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

World Snooker Champion Stephen HendryThere is exciting news for sports fans, because Stephen Hendry will be in Thailand from Monday, May 19th until Friday, May 23rd.  The record-breaking, seven-time World Snooker Champion will arrive as a guest of John Smith’s Bitter and Strongbow Cider.  The “Flying Scotsman” will make a series of one-hour appearances, in what will be a whistle-stop tour of selected venues in Bangkok, Koh Samui and Pattaya.  The Stephen Hendry Roadshow is sponsored by Scottish & Newcastle Brewery and is hosted in association withJOHN SMITH'S EXTRA SMOOTH BITTER Fluid Asia Pacific.  Stephen will be making himself available for a questions and answers session at each pub.  Stephen will also play some exhibition frames, so this could be your chance to play against a living legend.  During the time available at each pub, he will try to meet everyone and have a chat.  You are also welcome to bring your cameras along and have your photo taken with one of the most successful snooker players in history.  In addition, Stephen will sign his autograph for you.  Full details of the Stephen Hendry Roadshow will be posted closer to the date. (more…)