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Michael Jackson – Billie Jean Live

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009


I walk into a Bangkok shopping mall and a crowd of people gather around a large TV screen.  We all watch closely as Michael Jackson performs live on stage.  All around Thailand, the bars and shopping malls are playing Michael Jackson songs.  It’s like time travel back to the 1980’s…

Here is a tribute to the King Of  Pop, the legendary Michael Jackson.  His songs and dance moves prove that he was a ahead of his time.  This is a very high quality YouTube video of the one and only Michael Jackson, performing Billie Jean live.  It comes as no surprise to me why Michael Jackson made such a massive impact on the pop world.

May the memory of Michael Jackson live on forever…

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RIP MJ – The King Of Pop Is Dead

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

halloween11 - RIP MJ - The King Of Pop Is Dead

  • MICHAEL JACKSON – Tragically, the King Of Pop is dead. Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (Nana Plaza, Bangkok) is playing some of Michael Jackson’s hits as a mark of respect. Furthermore, Angelwitch Showgirls perform to “Thriller” during the annual Halloween Party.
  • RIP MJ – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is the most popular album in musical history. Thailand is just one country that is influenced by Michael Jackson’s music. The King Of Pop will be sadly missed by many.



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