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Monks Behaving Badly

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

While alcohol-induced violence is certainly nothing new to Thailand, this particular news report is very different.

Two Thai monks were sent to the hospital following a violent clash with each other. Following a drinking session, tempers exploded over a disagreement, which involved one monk attacking the other with a knife. Knife wounds were incurred by both monks. 

The Royal Thai Police are waiting for both monks to recover from their injuries, before asking the Wat’s Abbot to defrock the pair. The request from the Thai Police is because they may face legal charges.

Below is the news report by The Thaiger…

Monks behaving badly, ending up in hospital | The Thaiger

Two monks have become embroiled in a drunken brawl north of Bangkok last night. The two were injured in a skuffle and knife fight after they drank together at their temple in Ang Thong’s Pa Mok district. Local police were called to Wat Amphawan at 11pm.

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Thailand Update – 11/06/2010

Friday, June 11th, 2010

BANGKOK UPDATE – There is a necessity to keep the Thailand updates coming, because a number of people remain unsure about the situation here in Bangkok.  I am still being asked if Bangkok is peaceful and if it is safe to visit.  Yes, I can confirm that life in the Thai capital has returned to normal.  In fact, Bangkok is too quiet for such a huge, sprawling metropolis.  But, the good news is that there are no armed soldiers on the streets, no imposed curfews, no anti-government protests and no violence.  If you don’t like crowded and conjested places, this makes it an ideal time to visit Bangkok right now. 

WEATHER WATCH – We have received some heavy rain in Bangkok, but as of yet there are no daily downpours.  The rainfalls cooler temperature does bring some relief to the searing heat and high humidity, because it has been an exceptional hot season, even by Thai standards.     

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