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Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008


YUI NAUGHT GIRLS GO-GO BAR - PATTAYA - AFTER DARK ASIARegarding the weather, there appears to be some serious climatic changes going on around the world.  Initially, I used to class the three traditional Thai seasons alongside the tourist seasons.  The ideal time to visit Thailand remains the cool season (akaat yen), which usually starts in November and goes through to the end of February.  The vast majority of foreign visitors flood Thailand during this period.  But, shortly after the flood of visitors, the drought begins.  In March, the hot season (akaat rorn) commences and can last into June.  Then there is an inconsistent period, where the seasons transcend from hot and dry to wet and humid.  The rainy season (akaat fun) normally starts some time in June or July and lasts until the end of October.  The transition from the hot season to the rainy season can cause quite a few locals to fall ill.  Also, the temperature change from the rainy season into the cool season sees many natives nursing coughs, colds and fevers.  After all these years living in Thailand, I now suffer the climate change almost as much as the Thai people do. (more…)