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Pattaya Go-Go Bars Party Time

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


It’s Party time in Pattaya! This week there are two party nights to attend. The first is this Thursday, May 28th in Sisterz Go-Go Bar. The second is this Sunday, May 31st in Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar.


Sisterz Go-Go Bar host another popular party night. There will be plenty of frisky fun ‘n’ frolics, plus lots of FREE gifts for you guys. The theme is St. Trinians, who are notoriously naughty girls by nature. Come and see Thai girls behaving badly!

MAY MADNESS – For the rest of this month bar fines (Thai takeaway), is only 250 baht before 9:00pm. Is this a case of the early worm catches the bird?

DATE & PLACE – Sisterz on Walking St – Thursday, May 28th.


BABY DOLLS GO-GO BAR PATTAYAYet another one of the infamous Baby Dolls party nights. This time it is “Tim’s Wig & Balls Party.” Tim is a popular guy on the Pattaya forums who still makes all the mistakes of a newbie. On his last visit to Pattaya, Tim went with the girl of his dreams, who turned out to be a ‘cock-in-a-frock.’ Hence the name of the party.  The party starts at 8:00pm, which includes a free feeding frenzy (complimentary buffet), free shooters and lots of frisky fun ‘n’ frolics. Note that if the party funds are still going, there will be adult party games from 11:00pm. Enjoy! 

DATE & PLACE – Baby Dolls, Soi 15 Walking St – Sun, May 31st.

Thailand Night Fever

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Later Closing Times Are Reinstated In Bangkok

AFTER DARK ASIAOnce again, later closing times have been reinstated across the nightspots in Bangkok.  While some people might not care either way, later closing times are essential for Bangkok’s nightlife industry.  Foreign visitors and expat residents alike want to go out and enjoy themselves.  Regarding the bar owners, less trading hours means considerably less takings.  It is no fun going along to your favourite bar only to see the boys in brown close it early.  Similar to any other country, the nightlife areas do not get going until later on in the evening.  Most people are looking to hit the town after their meal and some relaxation time.  We humans are such creatures of habit; we just won’t go out any earlier, no matter what time the bars close.  While Bangkok’s nightspots revert back to 2:00am closing, it’s evident that there is more on display in some of the go-go bars. (more…)