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Thursday, April 16th, 2015

For the resident expat community in Bangkok, there is a sigh of relief, as the Songkran Water Festival comes to an end. Okay, it’s fun for newbies and natives alike, but the mass expat exodus was as evident, as it is every year.

Once again, the water wars never stopped after dark and violence broke out in the Rajah Hotel Car Park on Soi Nana, where a huge crowd gathered to celebrate Songkran. Unfortunately, Thai Police had to arrest a gang of drunk Thais who were involved in a punch up there. This is the sad reality!

As I walked down Soi Nana last night at 2:00am drunk Thais were still throwing water. Even now naive people still ask me, “Do you like Songkran?”

Meanwhile, at the entrance to Soi Cowboy a Russian guy was squirting water at everybody passing by including policemen. His luck ran out when he soaked a dry couple walking past. Shortly after being soaked, the angry guy laid the Russian out with one punch. From Russia With No Love!

Another very annoying aspect of Songkran is unscrupulous taxi drivers who hike up there prices to ridiculous levels. A taxi driver wanted 100 baht to travel half of Soi Nana. And, some taxi drivers wonder why we hate them?!

Now it’s time for the “Songkran Is Over Party” which lasts a whole year!


Thailand Night Fever

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

ANGELWITCH GO-GO BAR SHOWGIRLSWelcome to the Thai New Year 2551 and let’s all hope it is a good year for Thailand.  Another Songkran has come and gone for most of us, but don’t forget that Pattaya will continue the water warfare until this weekend.  I have to say that I thought the Songkran Festival was a bit quiet overall this year.  If you question what I mean by that, then just ask a bar owner.  The go-go bars in Bangkok had fewer go-go dancers, due to many bar girls deciding to go home this Songkran.  Some go-go bars cut their girls as much as 2,000 Baht per day.  This is a very severe cut for not working during Songkran.  However, this can be counterproductive to the bar, because some bar girls will stop  work for the rest of April.  If a bargirl is cut 6,000 Baht that is over 50% of a go-go dancers salary.  Of course, many Thais are on much lower salaries than go-go dancers are.  Most service girls don’t earn 6,000 Baht.  Therefore, a bargirl might well think; why should I work for nothing?  I would hazard a guess that in most go-go bars in Bangkok, the takings were down on last year.  Also, I couldn’t help but notice that fewer bargirls got into the spirit of things. (more…)