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Thai New Year In Soi Cowboy YouTube Video

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Youtube Videos – Here is a selection of 3 YouTube videos that vividly displays the Songkran Festival…  (more…)

Thai New Year Is In Full Swing

Friday, April 13th, 2012


This Thai New Year the ‘water wars’ are as crazy as ever. As we speak, Songkran is well under way in Khao San Road, Soi Cowboy and Soi Nana. Also, there is no escaping the madness and mayhem, along Beach Road down in Pattaya. The water wars in Pattaya continue for another week! (more…)

Hope You Have A Safe Songkran

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Thai New Year – Another year has passed and traditional Thai New Year is on the doorstep. Thai New Year is full of  ‘ings’ – dancing, singing, drinking, partying and water throwing! (more…)

Bars & Nightclubs Closed For Royal Funeral

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Dry Days! Bars and nightclubs across Thailand are requested to close out of respect for a Royal Funeral. (more…)

Thai New Year Kicks Off Early

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Traditional Thai New Year known as Songkran has kicked off early this year. It’s only April 12th, but the water wars are well under way in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Here in Bangkok, the last day of the water wars is April 15th, but down in Pattaya it continues for at least a week. If you really hate the water fights, there is no escaping it down in Pattaya. (more…)

Thailand Tonight – 21/04/2010

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


Down in Kao San Road, Patpong, Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy, the water wars were wet ‘n’ wild under the searing sun.  Songkran is a lot of fun for those who enjoy getting soaked, but it is very frustrating for those of us who do not want to participate.  When you live in Bangkok, or Pattaya there is no escaping it.  Why can’t they just leave the dry people alone?  During the water wars, even passing motorcyclists have bucket loads of water hurled at them.  Combined with too much booze, it’s no wonder there is so much carnage on the roads during Songkran.  I think there should be designated areas and times for the water wars – this would allow the normal people to go about their daily business.  However, Thailand being Thailand, it probably will not ever happen.  (more…)

Thailand Tonight – 14/04/2010

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


Even though the antigovernment protests by the ‘Reds’ has dragged on for a month, for the best part it remained peaceful… (more…)

Songkran Celebrations In Pattaya

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Although extremely brash and bawdy, the beach resort of Pattaya is the place to have boisterous fun. Albeit, fun with a very adult theme in this mad, wild city. Party animals will love how vibrant Pattaya is, just make sure you can handle Pattaya! It is the city of extremes and the Songkran water wars are by no means any exception. But, there are an abundance of Thai girls getting into the spirit of Thai New Year. Here is a video clip that I found on YouTube. Can you handle Songkran in Pattaya?

Pattaya Water Wars Warning

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I’m issuing a ‘Water Wars Warning’ for Saturday and Sunday (April 18-19th). Thai New Year or ‘Songkran’ celebrations still continue in Pattaya this weekend. Why tell you this? Because, the water wars in Pattaya are insane! There is little to no chance of escaping a soaking. If you enjoy wet ‘n’ wild water warfare, then Pattaya is the place to be. If you don’t appreciate the Songkran slingers, then it is advisable to avoid Pattaya today and tomorrow.

I looked at the Thai news on TV and it showed the Songkran slingers in full swing down in Kaosan Road in Bangkok. What immediately struck me was the fact that foreigners were in the vast minority. The remarkable lack of farangs during the Songkran celebrations, says a lot about the current climate in Bangkok right now. Incidentally, most of the bars, go-go bars and other nightlife venues, were quiet in Bangkok last night. Under the circumstances, it’s not surprising.

‘Songkran’ Thai New Year Extended

Thursday, April 16th, 2009


If you did not know, the ‘Songkran’ or traditional Thai New Year celebrations, have been extended until this Friday.

‘Photo Of The Day’ goes to Stickman, who captured a picture of two Thai girls trying to evade Songkran slingers. Within the world of  photography, there is a lot of technical talk about equipment. However, an essential skill is capturing the image with perfect timing. Not even safe whilst riding a motorbike, the collision of the water explodes into life. Notice that neither Thai girl is wearing a crash helmet. Scary! 


Celebrating ‘Songkran’ Thai New Year

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009


Despite the recent violence in Bangkok, the Thai New Year celebrations went ahead, although somewhat subdued in areas. This image depicts the spirit of  ‘Songkran’ which is traditional Thai New Year. Sawatdee Pee Mai Kap!



NOTE – ‘Songkran’ photo courtesy of a friend. Thanks Scott!

Thai Troops Crack Down On Protest

Monday, April 13th, 2009

BANGKOK BREAKING NEWSThe situation escalated last night, as Thai troops begin to clear key parts of Bangkok occupied by gangs of red-shirted protesters. Bangkok remains under a state of emergency, as declared yesterday by the Thai Prime Minister. Early this morning Thai troops charged at violent red-shirted anti-government protesters, situated at a major road junction near Victory Monument. Heavily armed Thai troops swiftly regained control of the key intersection at Din Daeng. So far, at least 77 Thais are reported to be injured. All this coincides with the beginning of Songkran (Thai New Year), which is extremely sad for Thailand.

The full report with a video is covered by BBC NEWS

The Thai conflict in pictures is covered by BBC NEWS

DAVES RAVES – The Thai government are requesting that the public co-operate and remain calm during this state of emergency. I strongly urge that you “DO NOT” wear red, or yellow polo shirts during this very serious situation. However, the naughty nightlife areas in Bangkok and also Pattaya are relatively unaffected. The bars and go-go bars will naturally be quieter, but Bangkok’s nightlife is operating as normal.

Ban On Alcohol Lifted For Songkran

Monday, April 6th, 2009

ALCOHOL BAN LIFTED FOR SONGKRANFortunately, the proposed  alcohol ban for the forthcoming Songkran Thai New Year celebrations has been lifted. Previously, there was confusion surrounding Songkran, because some factions of the Thai government proposed an alcohol ban during Thai New Year (traditionally April 13-15th).  Wisely, the Thai government did the sensible thing and the alcohol ban was opposed by the vast majority. The Thai government do not want to further damage an already weakened tourist industy.  This means we can all get wet on the inside, as well as the outside. Party on!

Today is Chakri Dynasty Day, which is a national holiday in Thailand. I’m pleased to announce that the bars, go-go bars and other entertainment venues in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket will be open as normal. Good news for a booze cruise! 

Thai Water Wars Warning

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Songkran is supposed to be Thai New Year ‘celebrations’ but in reality it is utter chaos. Unless you big boys and girls are into the Thai water wars, you need to be aware that Songkran kicks off soon. From midnight on April 12th until at least April 15th, Thai New Year celebrations will be crazy. Down in  Pattaya, the crazy water wars last at least a week. Despite the Thai authorities efforts to calm Songkran down, it is total madness and mayhem! Thais continue to get drunk and disorderly, leaving hundreds maimed or killed on Thailand’s treacherous roads. Tempers rise and fist fights break out. Motorcycle gangs race through narrow streets, drunk drivers threaten your life, and Thais rub powder laced with chemicals into your faces. The streets literally become a water warfare war-zone, whereby nobody is safe from a soaking. The water is more often than not infected with all kinds of things. It’s certainly not fun to us ‘grown up’ farangs who have suffered over a decade of the water wars. You are wise to heed the warning and below is video evidence of how crazy Thai New Year really is. Pattaya is a prime example…

This video is Songkran outside Nana Plaza in Bangkok…

Celebrating Songkran – Thai New Year

Monday, April 14th, 2008

AFTER DARK ASIA MAGAZINESawatdee Pee Mai Kap!  Or in English, Happy Thai New Year!  For those of you who are in Thailand, I sincerely hope that you are having a happy and a safe Songkran.  I say “safe” because every year hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries are reported.  WATER WARFARE WARNING — Ensure that you are extra careful on the roads during the Songkran water festival.  Most of Thailand celebrate Songkran from April 13th — 15th, but in Pattaya it started yesterday and it will continue until next weekend.  I thought that I had better post this as a reminder.  So guys, be aware that the Pattaya “water war” will last until April 20th.  This year a lot of bargirls have gone home, leaving most go-go bars with fewer go-go dancers.  Even though it is Thai New Year, the closing times in Bangkok remain between 1:00am and 2:00am.  Down in Pattaya most of the go-go bars, pubs and clubs are closing late again.  Good news for the Pattaya party animals.  Party on!  The Thai authorities announced that LARGE water cannons would be outlawed.  However, although the supermarkets listened, there are plenty of big water guns for sale on the street.  You can put that down to the idiosyncrasy of “Amazing Thailand” I guess. I dared to venture out onto the streets of Bangkok this afternoon.  And, as per usual, it’s wild ‘n’ crazy out there folks!  When that ice water hits you and you get cologne powder in your eyes; now that’s a killer!



To show respect to the staff in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, the management have decided to close Angelwitch on April 15th.  It will just be for the one night to allow the Thai staff to enjoy Songkran.  Please note that Angelwitch in Nana Plaza will be closed tomorrow, but Angelwitch in Pattaya will be open.    


BUDDHIST TEMPLES BANGKOKThe traditional Songkran water festival is a very elegant ceremony, which originated from ancient Siam.  The official Thai New Year is celebrated from April 13th – 15th.  Orchid flowers were placed into silver bowls containing special scented water.  Younger members of Thai families would gently sprinkle the Songkran water over their elder relative’s hands.  This special water was also gently poured onto the shoulder of an elder.  Your own body had to be thoroughly cleaned, along with your house.  You could call it “religious spring cleaning.”  Songkran in Thailand is not just a tradition of external cleansing, but also personal cleansing of the mind and spirit.  Buddha images are thoroughly washed and sprinkled with special scented water.  Flower garlands are hung around the necks of the Buddha images.  This is then followed by respectful prayers.  Throughout Thailand’s multitude of “wats” (Thai temples), you can here the humming tones of Thai people reciting Pali.  (Pali is the ancient scripture of Theravada Buddhism).


I have been informed that the newest edition of After Dark Asia magazine will be on sale just after Songkran.  Look out for After Dark Asia volume 6 on the newsstands throughout Bangkok and Pattaya.  After Dark Asia has established itself as Thailand’s top go-go girly magazine.  The photography is excellent.  A copy of After Dark Asia will set you back 150 Baht.  Check out the HOT go-go girls!