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Scruffy Murphy’s Sunday Roast

Sunday, October 21st, 2018



For some Bangkok expats, the weekends would not be complete without a traditional Sunday Roast Dinner. 

Renowned across the world, as a symbol of these two great nations, the British and Irish Sunday Roast Dinner is something quite special.

A number of foreigners can be forgiven for thinking, a Yorkshire Pudding is a delicate dessert served after the main meal. Nope, it’s not it’s served, as part of the Sunday Roast Dinner!  

Well, look no further than Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub. It’s conveniently located on Sukhumvit Soi 23 opposite Soi Cowboy. Yeah, I know you never go to Soi Cowboy because you are a good boy! 

Daves Raves – Just look at this succulent Sunday Roast!


Blog Post Schedule

Perhaps you are wondering, why is today’s Sunday Roast a dinner and not my Sunday Weekly? Well, I have decided to change the blog post schedule here on my website.

As you probably know, this is a WordPress website, which is the most popular blogging platform in the world.

Therefore, you can now enjoy daily blog posts but in addition, there will be two main blog posts per week.

The main blog posts comprise of a minimum of 500 words, posted at noon (Thai time), every Monday and Friday.

Why change the blogging schedule? I just felt there were too many bloggers posting every Sunday. In fact, just at a glance, I counted five websites. I hope that you like the new schedule and continue to visit my website regularly. As always, I appreciate your loyalty and support. Cheers!  

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Scruffy Murphy’s Pub Is Short-Listed For The Irish Pubs Global Awards

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Recently, I visited Sukhumvit Soi 23 in downtown Bangkok. However, I was not there to visit Little Las Vegas, otherwise known as Soi Cowboy. Oh no, I was on a different mission.    

There I was expecting to see a Jolly Green Giant rising amid a cluster of shops and other buildings. However, Scruffy Murphy’s is more like a giant, bright red, oblong box. I must admit that threw me off track but I did hear that Scruffy Murphy’s is distinctly Irish inside. I wandered in to experience a traditional Irish establishment, with a succinct Thai twist. However, where does that colour selection originate? It would be bizarre if it were full of Manchester United or Liverpool fans!    

Now it was time to get down to the nitty gritty… This year the Irish Global Pubs Awards attracted almost 25,000 entrants. We are proud to announce that Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub based in Bangkok, has been short-listed in four different categories. The awards represent excellence in entertainment, sport, whiskey and management.

Scruffy Murphy’s was nominated for Best Sports Experience, Best Whiskey Experience, Best Entertainment Venue and Best Bar Person. This is for Irish Pubs Global’s Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific region. The winners will be announced on October 9th at the Galmont Hotel in Galway, Ireland. 

Scruffy Murphy’s is the latest chapter in the history of a brand that dates back to 2001 in Phuket. I was vaguely aware of this, as I had read it somewhere in cyberspace. A local media source said that Scruffy Murphy’s has now established itself as Bangkok’s premier Irish pub. Well, they have a good point because it is Bangkok’s only contender to be nominated for these global awards.

The Best Entertainment Venue award honours pubs that provide the best entertainment experience for customers, including traditional Irish music, local talent and Irish acts. It also is the centre for events and celebrations including the Bloomsday Festival, Galway Oyster Festival, Taste of Ireland Week, and not forgetting the biggest day of them all, St Patrick’s Day.

The Best Sports Experience award recognizes pubs that highlight Irish sport at its best, with a regular schedule. This involves a range of sporting events including the Gaelic Athletic Association, hurling, rugby and football. Scruffy’s also catered last year’s Asian Gaelic Games in Bangkok.

The Best Whiskey Experience prize goes to the pub demonstrating the best Irish whiskey has to offer, with a wide range of Irish whiskey offerings, food pairings and product knowledge.

Scruffy Murphy’s features the largest selection of whiskey in Bangkok, from the popular classics Jameson and Tullamore Dew to boutique brands like Teelings, Pogues and the West Cork series. The bar also stocks many selected single-malt and small-batch distilleries from home.

Finally, the Best Bar Person award recognizes the manager or owner who best demonstrates the understanding and level of service expected of a leading bar person amongst his and her peers, showing responsibility and leadership skills while also being a reliable team player.

I was chatting with Eoin O’Ceallaigh, the general manager, who incidentally is nominated for the Best Bar Person Award. Eoin commented, “We’re very honoured to be short-listed for these awards. It wouldn’t have been possible without the great support from the Irish community here in Bangkok, plus all the hard work by our dedicated team.”

We are all waiting in anticipation and wish you all at Scruffy Murphy’s the best of luck for the awards ceremony on October 9th.

Daves Raves – Let’s hope it boils down to Murphy’s Law!  

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