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Top Ten Thailand Tattoo Tips

Friday, February 15th, 2019

Think Before You Get Ink!

Feature Ink in Asia Pic 1 - Top Ten Thailand Tattoo Tips


It’s all well and good getting smashed off your face, then your ‘mates’ persuade you to have a dodgy tattoo or two. Funking hilarious if it’s not you!

Here are the Top Ten Tattoo Tips from The Thaiger. This is a good article, packed with what you need to know before you end up with a Tramp Stamp!

News Sources – The Thaiger & The Nation 



Top 10 tips for tattoos in Thailand | The Thaiger

by Inked In Asia and Carl Gulliver We know for many it might be a holiday whim, while for others it may require months of planning and preparation. Here are some common topics and questions for getting a tattoo in Thailand. Why are you getting a tattoo in Thailand?

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Thais and Tats

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

A subject that comes up for debate quite frequently is Thais and Tats, or more specifically Thai girls with tattoos.

Some guys class them as a ‘tramp stamp’ for biker bitches (their opinion not mine). Whereas others find Thais with tattoos a turn on. The very high quality, skillfully crafted tattoos are classed by some people as a work of art.

Personally, I like good quality tattoos and poor quality tattoos do nothing for me at all. What do you think of Thai girls with tattoos?

Daves Raves – Tell us what you think in the comments box below.

thai tattoos 051 - Thais and Tats


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Thai Girls & Tattoos – Hot Or Not?

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Thai Girls & Tattoos

THE CASTLE BANNER3 - Thai Girls & Tattoos - Hot Or Not?

Now in Thailand we see more and more Thai girls with tattoos and its not just bar girls; movie stars, models, actresses, it’s just become so big now. We remember when Angelina Jolie got her famous Tattoos in Thailand from Ajarn Noo aka the ‘Spirit Man.’  Now everyone wants in!  The rise in the number of Thai girls getting a Tattoo is astounding. Personally, I think Tattoos on women are really sexy (when done well), but I know a lot of people don’t like them.  Go on, give us your opinions and have your say… (see the pics and video)

beautiful oriental girl with tatoo 300x179 - Thai Girls & Tattoos - Hot Or Not?

Is she more beautiful with the Tattoo?


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