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Thai Army Intercept Drug Smugglers

Monday, January 28th, 2019
Thai Army Chiang Rai - Thai Army Intercept Drug Smugglers



CHIANG RAI – On January 28th, a Thai Army Task Force intercepted a pickup truck in Chiang Rai’s Chiang Saen region in the far north of Thailand.

While the Thai Task Force chased the drug suspects, their pickup crashed and a shootout entailed. As the drug smugglers attempted to flee, one of them was shot and killed.

Due to their swift actions, the Thai soldiers were able to seize around 2.85 million methamphetamine pills.

It is fair to say that the street value would have been enormous.

Daves Raves – Drugs are for mugs! 

Troops intercept pickup with 2.85 million meth pills – one smuggler killed | The Thaiger

A shootout with Army troops has resulted in the death of a drug suspect while attempting to smuggle 2.8 million methamphetamine pills into Thailand from neighbouring Myanmar. Troops from the Pha Muang Taskforce were patrolling a border road in Chiang Rai’s Chiang Saen district, in the far north of Thailand, when they spotted the pickup …

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Bangkok Battlefield – 18/05/2010

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

BANGKOK 18/05/2010 – The United Nations has urged Thailand to put an end to the violent clashes and restart negotiations.  This is easier said than done, because a minority of extreme anti-government militants are hellbent on violence.  It is a very difficult situation for the Thai government to deal with and a tremendous amount of restraint and tolerance, will be required by everyone here in Bangkok… (more…)

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Newsflash – Violence In Bangkok

Friday, May 14th, 2010

breaking news21 - Newsflash - Violence In BangkokBANGKOK NEWSFLASH 14/05/2010 – Following the violence last night, tens of thousands of Thai soldiers armed with live ammunition, riot control equipment, water cannon trucks and armoured personnel carriers, are deployed onto the streets of Bangkok.  The American and British Embassies have closed today, due to the ongoing violence.  Some offices and shops in the Silom district have also closed and sent their staff home.  Meanwhile, the situation in Bangkok remains very tense…


BANGKOK BOMB – On Thursday night a rogue Thai Army General known as ‘Seh Daeng’ was shot in the head in Silom and is reported to be in a coma.  Violence broke out in several areas of Bangkok during last night.  I was an eyewitness outside the entrance to Soi Nana, where I saw clashes between Thai troops and the red shirt mob.   (more…)

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Bangkok Bomb Blasts – 23/04/2010

Friday, April 23rd, 2010


breaking news16 - Bangkok Bomb Blasts - 23/04/2010TRAVEL WARNINGS 23/04/2010 – Several countries have issued Thailand Travel Warnings.  However, Germany advises that visitors to Bangkok should avoid Silom district and any groups of anti-government protesters.  At this stage, I agree with Germany.  Meanwhile, America, Britain and Australia continue to send out ‘broken record’ Travel Warnings.  No matter where the actual problem areas are located, they constantly send out Thailand Travel Warnings.  This makes it a very difficult task for foreigners to evaluate the situation.  (more…)

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Thailand’s Political Revolution

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Bangkok internet columnist Stickman, has written an article with photos depicting the current turmoil in Thailand. Unfortunately, today’s ‘Photo Of The Day’ goes to the Thai Army deployed onto the streets of Bangkok during ‘Songkran’ (Thai New Year). The photo below courtesy of Stickman, depicts heavily armed Thai troops guarding key sections of Bangkok…

bangkokrevolution2009 1 - Thailand's Political Revolution

Read Stickman’s article on THIS LINK HERE

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Thailand Today – Political Problems

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
bangkok riot police clash with protesters - Thailand Today - Political Problems

The Nation - Bangkok riot police clash with protesters

Currently the political arena is very tense in Bangkok, as large groups of anti-govenment protesters remain in a stand-off with riot police. The Thai Army are now guarding government buildings. However, Army officials insist that there will not be a military coup.

It is advisable to avoid government buildings and surrounding areas, but most of Bangkok remains unaffected by the anti-government protests. For the vast majority of people living in Bangkok, daily life goes on as usual.

For regular updates go to The Nation Website

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