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Newsflash – Violence In Bangkok

Friday, May 14th, 2010

breaking news21 - Newsflash - Violence In BangkokBANGKOK NEWSFLASH 14/05/2010 – Following the violence last night, tens of thousands of Thai soldiers armed with live ammunition, riot control equipment, water cannon trucks and armoured personnel carriers, are deployed onto the streets of Bangkok.  The American and British Embassies have closed today, due to the ongoing violence.  Some offices and shops in the Silom district have also closed and sent their staff home.  Meanwhile, the situation in Bangkok remains very tense…


BANGKOK BOMB – On Thursday night a rogue Thai Army General known as ‘Seh Daeng’ was shot in the head in Silom and is reported to be in a coma.  Violence broke out in several areas of Bangkok during last night.  I was an eyewitness outside the entrance to Soi Nana, where I saw clashes between Thai troops and the red shirt mob.   (more…)

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Thai Troops To Surround Red Rally Site

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

breaking news24 - Thai Troops To Surround Red Rally SiteBANGKOK 13/05/2010 – At 6:00pm Thai Troops will surround the red shirt rally site at the Ratchaprasong intersection.  Armed soldiers with live ammunition will seal off the area.  Snipers and armoured personnel carriers (APCs) will also move into position to protect the Thai troops from armed assailants…

Full news report is covered by BBC WORLD NEWS

img 6140s - Thai Troops To Surround Red Rally Site


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