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Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Street Eat Beat

Soi Nana Bangkok 4 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

The street food scene here in Thailand is certainly something you would not see in Farangland. In the western world, ‘Greasy Joe’s Fat Burger’ is not what I call good street food at all.

I love the simplicity of Thai street food. With complete convenience, it is quick, cheap and tasty.

Soi Nana Bangkok 03 4 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

Whenever you have the munchies, you can grab a few of those Barbecue Meat Skewers at the cost of just 10 baht each. Even the Cheap Charlie Clan cannot grumble at those prices!

Grilling food is so much healthier than deep-frying it to death!

Soi Nana Bangkok 01 3 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

You wait a few minutes and you are good to go with Thailand’s healthy version of fast food. It is ideal when you are on the move, especially if you need to be somewhere.

You can eat the tasty treat right there on the street, whilst travelling or save them to eat in your room. The Thais do it all the time. You know, when in Rome and all that jazz!

Soi Nana Bangkok 11 1 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

As for the operators themselves, Thai street stalls are practical, cost-effective and in some cases, it is a very profitable little business. Once they acquire a street space, for relatively little cost ‘Bee’s Barbecue’ can be up and running in no time.

I admire how innovative the Thais are. They slice an old oil barrel in half and turn it into a barbecue stand. Have you seen those big clay pots? They remind me of giant flowerpots. The Thais fill them with charcoal and place a steel grill over the top. It is such a simple idea and yet so practical.

Soi Nana Bangkok 005 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

I love those street food carts, bearing anything from Som Tam (Spicy Papaya Salad) to fresh fruit. It brings a new meaning to ‘meals-on-wheels’ and there is no shortage of them. At the end of the day, the Thai people need to make a living. Thailand is certainly not a welfare state and many natives live hand-to-mouth. As the Thais say, “No work no eat.”

Your grub is cooked and served in no time and it is very delicious. So many Thais prefer street food to fancy restaurants. They tell me it just does not taste the same.

thai street food 1 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

At times, I think the Western world could learn a lot from practical, cost-effective concepts we see in Thailand. Sometimes less is more and simplicity is the key to success and satisfaction.

You might remember news reports about the removal of all Bangkok street food vendors. Well, this certainly did not happen. Sukhumvit Road street vendors remain out in force, as my photos clearly show.

It is important what you believe these days, especially with the increasing amount of inaccurate media reports and fake news in its various forms. The biggest media companies are so often the worst offenders.

thai street vendor 1 - Dave Rave Sunday Roast (09/09/18)

Daves Raves – A few moons ago, down on Sukhumvit Road, there is a gorgeous girl, who makes delicious Fried Pork. However, sadly some guy has porked the pork girl and that is the end of that foodie fantasy! 

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