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Spankys Go-Go Bar Special Party Night

Friday, August 14th, 2020

During these tough times of the Covid-19 Virus Crisis, it is great to see Bangkok nightspots such as Spanky’s Go-Go Bar being proactive. 

Tomorrow night Spanky’s Bar features special guest DJ KRISZD to spin the trendy tunes, plus stage shows, go-go dancers in mono bikinis and Drinks Deals. 

Daves Raves! For those of you living in a cave in a remote land, Spanky’s Bar is located on the Middle Floor in Nana Plaza in downtown Bangkok. 


Daves Raves – 12/12/2019

Thursday, December 12th, 2019


Daves Raves – Really, I should have done this a long time ago. The purpose of publishing Daves Raves every week is to prepare you for any parties, promotions, events, updates and any other relevant information. I decided upon Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you know the days I will post.

I considered publishing on a Friday but this is often a manic day. It’s only natural to be eager to hit the town, following the end of the working week. By the time Friday comes around, you may well have already made your plans for the weekend.

Super Saver – (TTIF) Thank Tiger It’s Friday! Stumble Inn located on Soi Nana offer Tiger Pints for just 100 baht every Friday. The offer runs from 09:00 till closing time. Believe me, by Bangkok standards this is a great drinks deal. In addition, there are two great live bands Earth Collide and Nowhere Man to rock your Friday night. Enjoy! 



Date Mate – I am your mate with that important date! This week there is a Playmates Party at both Billboard GoGo Bar and Butterflies GoGo Bar. They are both located on the Top Floor of Nana Plaza, Bangkok. I write this just in case you have been hiding in a remote destination all these years! 

There will be a generous offering of Free Food including Pizza, Chicken Wings and Potato Wedges. In addition, the American owners promise an impressive lineup consisting of a quantity of quality. The doors open at 20:00 and the event is this Saturday, December 14th. Make sure you go early to get a good seat close to the action. Prepare yourself for at least 250 hot babes spread across five stages. 

Currently, both Billboard and Butterflies are among the most popular gogo bars in Thailand. The owners ensure the stages are packed with gogo dancers and let’s not forget those bubble bath babes!



Daves Raves — My publishing schedule is Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

Dave The Rave is a unique Thailand Nightlife Guru with vast professional experience in Bangkok nightlife since 1999. Dave is still closely connected to Thailand’s nightlife and his blog remains popular worldwide. 


Dave The Rave’s 12 Year Anniversary

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

This Thailand nightlife website was launched 12 years ago. How time flies when you are having fun! 

Along with my mate Stickman’s website, Dave The Rave Bangkok is one of the oldest websites, which predominantly features Thailand nightlife.  

As you probably know, most blogs fizzle out and die, especially niche blogs such as mine. However, this blog has stood the test of time. 

As a coincidence, I have now lived in Bangkok for 20 years and it is the 30th anniversary of my first trip to Thailand. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support. Some of you have followed this website since 2006 when my Bangkok Blog was born. What a rollercoaster ride. Cheers!  

Bangkok Booze Ban

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018


Today, I want to make you aware from midnight, there will be a Booze Ban in Thailand on October 23rd.

A number of bars, pubs and clubs, will not be permitted to sell alcohol after midnight tonight. 

Tomorrow, the booze will be flowing again, but not until after midnight on October 24th. Bear this in mind because it is a religious holiday.

Therefore, a number of bars and clubs, will not be open for at least 24 hours. I suggest you plan accordingly. 

Daves Raves – Thailand is a Buddhist country and therefore, entertainment establishments must follow the Thai authorities regulations.  

Western Wednesday

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Stumble Inn Bar

Howdy Cowboy! Ride on down to Stumble Saloon for Western Wednesday.

Today you get 20% Off Selected Food & Drink Items. You can still use your Bangkok Funcard to receive a whopping 30% Discount.

Super Saver USA F&B Items include – Budweiser, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Burgers, Chicken Wings, Nachos and more. Yeeha!

Bangkok Booze Ban

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Buddhist Holiday May 29th

Most bars will respect the Thai Buddhist Holiday today and therefore, a mandatory Booze Ban will be enforced by Thai authorities.

It’s just one day and actually, pubs and clubs can sell alcohol from midnight tonight. Cheers!

Soi Cowboy April 2018

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Little Las Vegas

Here are two new photos I took of Soi Cowboy in downtown Bangkok.

Labelled by some as “Little Las Vegas” this tiny lane has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

During recent sojourns down Soi Cowboy, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting The Dollhouse, Shark Bar and Lighthouse. All three of these pleasure palaces are great go-go bars to drink and enjoy a bevy of beauty!

The biggest claim to fame for Soi Cowboy is being used as a location for a few famous movies. This includes the machine-gun scene inside Tilac Go-Go Bar for the crazy film Hangover 2.

Daves Raves – I met some of the stars from Hangover 2 when I was at Angelwitch Go-Go Bar and they were a really friendly bunch of guys.



Thais and Tats

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

A subject that comes up for debate quite frequently is Thais and Tats, or more specifically Thai girls with tattoos.

Some guys class them as a ‘tramp stamp’ for biker bitches (their opinion not mine). Whereas others find Thais with tattoos a turn on. The very high quality, skillfully crafted tattoos are classed by some people as a work of art.

Personally, I like good quality tattoos and poor quality tattoos do nothing for me at all. What do you think of Thai girls with tattoos?

Daves Raves – Tell us what you think in the comments box below.


Nana Plaza – Past & Present

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Photos Of  The Day

From formerly being a tranquil Shopping Center, Nana Plaza has become a three-storey neon jungle. Nowadays the shopping is very different!

These two photos speak volumes about the amazing transformation…

If you are not aware, Nana Plaza now has a sports stadium style roof, which covers the entire entertainment complex.

In addition, building work has commenced on the foundations for the brand new Nana Beer Garden. While no timescale for the construction work is known (as of yet), I heard on the neon jungle drums, they intend to do a nice job.

Now, as for the idiotic killjoys who said that Nana Plaza would be knocked down. It’s all hot air and babble from the padded cells. They all look very stupid now!

A while ago, I asked one of the owners about the future of Nana Plaza. His answer was, “Don’t worry Nana Plaza is here to stay.” He told me the truth. Why would any company commence a big building project if it was going to be knocked down? So there you have it Nana Plaza is going nowhere.

Soi Cowboy YouTube Video

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

A Walk On The Wild Side

Today I feature video footage showing the parade of bargirls along Bangkok’s infamous red light area Soi Cowboy.

Published on Youtube, this flick has attracted a staggering 36,000,000 viewers.

Hey, so much for the armchair experts who say Thailand has lost its popularity!

Daves Raves – Stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

Bangkok Nightlife – VLOG 88

Bangkok Nightlife, the girls of Soi Cowboy – VLOG 88 CAMERA USED IN THIS VIDEO: NEWER CAMERA I USE FOR 2017: THAI DATING SITE WITH THE HOTTEST WOMEN: Sights and sounds from a night out in Bangkok at Soi Cowboy from August 2016.

The Soi Nana Scene

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Welcome To The Neon Jungle

The sights, sounds and smells of Soi Nana conspire to create an eclectic scene full of cultural contradictions. It’s the inimitable Sukhumvit Soi 4 

Vibrant is an understatement, as the culture shock hits you the second you enter this infamous very popular Bangkok nightlife area.

This year I celebrate living in Bangkok for 20 years. Would I do it all over again? You can bet all you’ve got I would buddy!

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Is Bangkok In A Time Warp?

Sunday, March 4th, 2018


The rainy season appears to have started early, albeit at sporadic intervals. Is Bangkok in a time warp? March should be the beginning of the hot season.

Rainfall might not seem like a big deal, but in this city, it can make getting around much harder. It’s the only time of year I do not like.

Some taxi drivers do not stop when you hail a cab and motorbike taxi riders can disappear like a thief in the night. As for the unscrupulous taxi drivers who try to double the price, they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

Alternatively, you can do an impression of sardines in a tin can if you try to use the Skytrain. Don’t forget your umbrella fella!

Bangkok Booze Ban 01/03/2018

Thursday, March 1st, 2018


Bangkok’s naughty nightlife areas in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza will be CLOSED for tonight only. This is due to a Buddhist Holiday, which is one of the biggest on the Thai calendar. Most of Patpong will probably follow suit by remaining closed, but there might be the odd venue discretely serving pots of special tea!

If bars, pubs and clubs, are caught selling alcohol, it can be treated as a serious matter. To ignore the official orders of the Royal Thai Police can prove to be a costly decision. The Thai authorities can enforce heavy fines and in certain cases legal action. This may result in a bar being closed and having their licenses revoked.

Dave’s Raves – The booze ban is just for one day. In fact, some late night venues will open from midnight tonight. Then it’s full steam ahead on Friday!

Cockatoo Go-Go Bar Anniversary Party

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

This Friday Cockatoo Go-Go Bar is hosting a Pink Party to celebrate their 7th Anniversary Party down on Soi Cowboy.

There will be FREE SHOTS and an abundance of Bangkok’s hottest ladyboys! It’s hard to believe that Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar opened 7 years ago. How time flies!

Daves RavesCockatoo Bar is the only ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy.

Make New Year’s Eve Special

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

You’ve pretty much done it all, when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations. You did the Central World Rampage, you did the fancy roof top bar and of course, the all time classic, but rather boring River Cruise on New Year’s Eve. Hey, why not try something new this year, something different! How about this – take your wife, girlfriend or “gig” (or if you are a Daredevil all three of them at the same time), and make yourself comfortable in one of the many short time fun places.

You will find them all over Thailand, sure there are plenty of them close to where you stay. No, short time Hotels, or Love Motels are not the shabby, dirty hideaways anymore, which they may be used to be. They have come a long way (pardon the pun). Nowadays they are converted into clean and fun places to have a great short time, a timeout from the rush and restrains of every day life.

This New Year’s Party let your fantasy flow by choosing a funny theme room, indulge in long jacuzzi sessions with the lady of the evening, and get a massage while sipping a glass of the good old bubbly. And then, at 11.59pm, get ready to shoot your own personal little firework together with your Lady, she will love you forever, or at least for the rest of the night.

Check out our friends at to find out which Short Time Fun place is the right one for you. Happy New Year!

Thailand’s Mourning Period Ends

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Bangkok Nightlife Resumes

The official mourning period for His Majesty King Bhumibol Aduljadej ends tonight. In what has been a tremendously emotional ceremony, the scale of the Royal Funeral showed just how much the late King Rama 9 was loved.

The spectacular funeral procession and sheer volume of people attending was nothing short of phenomenal. Worldly foreign travelers were reported as saying, they have never seen anything like it in their lives. One long-term expat said, “There was an ocean of Thai people, as far as your eyes could see.”

It is hoped that November will see the start of the tourist season, with cool, dry weather and a steady spike in tourists arrivals. Following a very tough year for the entertainment industry, it is very much anticipated.

Birthday Bash At Lucky Lukes Tiki Bar

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

The oldest beer bar in Nana Plaza is celebrating its 2nd Birthday Bash on Thursday, September 28th. The party will celebrate Lucky Luke’s being reinvented and renamed as Tiki Bar.

The party features Special Offers All Night Long, with Standard Drinks at just 100 baht. There is an exotic, tropical tiki theme, so you can enjoy being entertained by the Cheeky Tiki Girls!

Khaosan Road Clear The Sidewalks

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017


Street vendors operating in Khao San Road have been instructed to clear the sidewalks down this popular and trendy tourist area.

This is following a recent meeting with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The street vendors were told to move their stalls from the sidewalk onto the road for a period of one week. The trial commences on September 12th.

The concept is proposed to satisfy everybody and BMA District Chef Wutichai Bunyasit said, “We want to return all footpaths to the people.”

Daves Raves – I think this is a sensible solution, so let’s hope it happens.

Khaosan Road After Midnight – July 2016

Khaosan Road After Midnight – Full Walk – July 2016 Sights and Sounds from a busy night on the streets around Khaosan road. Filmed in July 2016. Notes: At 3:15 you can see Susie Wong beers and buns. Unbelievably, this was Bangkok’s number one place for food out of over 9000 on Tripadvisor in July 2016.

News SourceBangkok Post 


Never Hurry A Curry!

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Kiwi Pub Curry & Pint Night

When I lived in England, I have had my fair share of curry nights I call tell you. In fact, Indian Curry is now Britain’s most popular food. It beats Fish & Chips, Roast Dinners and Chinese Takeaway hands down.

I remember an Indian chef explaining to me the art of making a great curry. He said with a wry smile, “Never hurry a curry!” Well that just cracked me up!

The Kiwi Sports Bar & Grill hosts “Monday Curry Night” with a choice of Chicken, or Beef Jalfrezi, Rogan Josh, or Tikka Masala. It comes with Steamed Rice, Garlic Pita Bread, and a choice of a Heineken Pint, or a Tiger Pint. You get all that for just 279฿


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Stickmania (April 13th 2007)

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Written By Dave The Rave

Throughout the infinite realms of time and cyberspace there lurks an extremely powerful amorphous creature that is an almighty force to be reckoned with. This infinite amorphous creature that engulfs many of our lives is the limitless universe of the internet. Although no one person actually owns the internet, Bill Gates has given it a damned good try — bless him! Without any doubt whatsoever the internet has transformed and revolutionized how freely and effectively information is communicated today. Like a giant pouncing tiger the web world leapt into the millennium and multitudes of websites have emerged as a result. Therefore, this transformation has provided us with enormous information resources and that means massive amounts of information about Thailand. In the 1980’s when I first visited Thailand, there was no such online information because of course it did not exist. We simply followed the recommendations of a friend and perhaps read the odd travel guide. How things change hey? Nowadays every budding blogger has jumped on the bandwagon — whether we really want to know about Bill’s fanatical train-spotting, or Mary’s bone-crushing rock cakes! Totally captivating weblogs, or not as the case may be, it is all out there on the internet.

Whether you love or loathe webmaster columnists, there is one Thailand website that stands out predominantly. Crystal clearly Stickman’s website is the most popular of its genre. For many Thailand readers it is an essential information and news source that has its own dedicated cult following. Ever since I first encountered “Stickman’s Guide to Bangkok” I admit that I was hooked. I think that what makes this contagious creature tick is to do with the fact that the enigmatic Stickman is extremely engaging. Some guys have planned their entire Thailand trips and in some cases planned the BIG move from Farangland to Thailand, entirely from Stickman’s website. Without noticing it at first, slowly but surely Stickman draws you into his realm. “Welcome to my lair”, said the spider to the fly. It’s a scary thought isn’t it?

Personally, I for one remain both very pleased and so relieved to see the return of the main sections of Stickman’s website. What I do know is that I speak with great confidence, when I state that I am most certainly not the only person who shares these sentiments. The mighty army of Stickman fans (and a few foes too) were on the edge of their computer seats for four long months, as they were forced to await the outcome of let us say Stickman’s sojourn away from the cyber scene. Did Stickman’s cyberspacecraft come crashing down? No, it did not but the disruption caused by a certain “Stickman Stalker” just goes to prove what a powerful tool or weapon the internet really can be. Time is a great healer though and here we all are again. Although not quite back where we started, nonetheless we continue on our exciting journey through various time zones, and through the infinite realms of cyberspace. We have lift off… “Warp Factor II Captain Stickman!”


If we take a trip back in time a lot of readers would tune in to read Nite Owl, which used to be the ramblings of Bernard Trink. The old Nite Owl penned his weekly column for decades until he was finally axed by the powers that be at the Bangkok Post. Nite Owl had some fans but most people read Trink’s weekly solely in order to seek Thailand nightlife news. As a result of Nite Owl getting the chop there was a dark, void abyss, but then following that exit came the entrance of the modern day Thailand columnist — none other than Stickman. Incidentally, approaching six years ago saw the introduction of the enormously popular “Stickman Weekly” and this new weekly column took off like a cyberspace rocket.

OK, now fast forward to April 2007 and the “cyberspace chameleon” returns, but under another guise — Stick Mark II. Who is this mysterious Stick Mark II? Much speculation surrounds the identity of Stick Mark II, but you can be assured that Stickman will be watching like a hawk. Whether Stickman is editing it, writing it, or not writing it, he has returned and to me that is the main thing.


I will let you into a little secret that I persuaded Stickman that the Photo Gallery should be updated. The eagle-eyed among you Stickman fans will notice that a NEW Photo Gallery called “Thailand Characters Photo Gallery 2” has been added. In addition to this latest gallery full of terrific images, the entire Stickman Weekly archived columns for 2006 have returned. This means that avid readers can take a trip back in time to Stickmanland. It would appear that in observing my counterpart, I notice that Stick Mark II (whoever he/she is) has integrated images in with the text in his new weekly column. Stick Mark II’s very first column contained a lovely little travelogue about a sojourn to Isaan, that was complimented by some truly picturesque images. This gives a visual impression of an online magazine — may I say very well done!

On a personal note, as an ambitious newcomer to the web world I want everybody to know that Stickman has been very helpful, offering sound advice. My own website was launched in November 2006 and Stickman has been completely unselfish in offering me invaluable advice. Us online columnists/webmasters slave away to update our websites and I can tell you that it takes a HUGE amount of time and effort. As friends of mine have pointed out, we just hope that the masses appreciate this free information service. Take what free information, knowledge, and/or entertainment you can and if you are not satisfied then simply change channel. At times there can be some extremely offensive things written about webmasters, but mostly these “keyboard warriors” are invisible. Who are these people? Of course we like to receive constructive criticism, but “babble from the padded cell” is never useful to anybody whatsoever. It is so easy to “talk the talk” but few dare to “walk the walk” and show us how they think it is supposed to be done. Sometimes there is so much pent up venom in the emails that we cannot possibly comprehend what they are trying to say at all. That is clearly their problem. By all means readers should write constructive criticism to webmasters, but please be clear and specific in the message you are trying to convey.


Running a website about Thailand can often be a mixture of pleasure and pain. However, for the most part we enjoy what we do, because we know that the majority appreciate and welcome our online service. I firmly believe that for all the websites out there, you will not find many very good Thailand websites. In terms of accurate, up-to-date and informative Thailand websites, they remain very few and far between. We should therefore appreciate the likes of Stickman who has diligently churned out a weekly column year after year. Believe somebody in the know, when I say that it is no easy task. This is why I have the utmost respect for Stickman’s dedication and hard work over all these years. Stickman can at times be a controversial columnist, but speaking from experience, as a person Stickman is a real gentleman. As for Stickman’s success, the growth of his readership can only be termed as remarkable. Long live Stickmania!

Stickman’s Thoughts:

Gosh Dave, you have me positively blushing.

But you’re right, maintaining a website is a lot of effort, to say nothing of all of the other parts of our sites. You meet some great people along the journey, and a few ratbags as well. But that is all part of the ride!


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