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Pattaya Photo Gallery January 2020

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020



I just got back to Bangkok from an enjoyable two day trip to Pattaya. I thought you might appreciate a Photo Gallery to show you what it looks like these days. I think Pattaya is an acquired taste, so I will let you decide whether you want to visit or not. I make suggestions but I am certainly not pretentious enough to tell you what you like. 🙂 

I took the bus to Pattaya from the station opposite BTS Ekamai and it only cost me 119 baht. You know what mate, the motorbike taxi ride to the bus station cost me more! If you are on a budget take the bus, otherwise barter a taxi ride for around 1,000 baht. Thailand is not expensive if you let Dave The Rave guide you! 

I first visited Pattaya in May 1988 during a scorching hot season. Now, fast forward to 2020 and I still enjoy visiting Pattaya, even after all these years. Of course, a lot has to do with the fact I am a Thailand Nightlife Guru but nevertheless, I genuinely like Pattaya; albeit in small portions. 

The intense furnace heat of Bangkok can and does wear you down. Believe me, I know I have lived here since 1999 and even the Thais complain about the heat.  Therefore, a visit to Pattaya gets me out of the furnace of the Big Mango to enjoy a (somewhat slightly) cooler climate. 

I enjoyed staying at Robin’s Nest on Soi Diana, as I always do whenever I visit Sex-On-Sea. They run a tight ship at Robin’s Nest Pub but it retains a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Considering  Pattaya can be rather rough ‘n’ ready, they maintain high standards. Believe me, I have seen some dumps in my 30+ years here! Robin’s Nest has clean, comfortable rooms, great pub grub and live sports.  

One positive thing about the beer bars and gogo bars in Pattaya is that they offer so many Happy Hours. If you are on a Booze Cruise the best gogo bar Happy Hour is 55 Baht Bottled Beers at Pandoras GoG0 Bar in Soi LK Metro. In addition, don’t miss Sapphire Super Sunday with Happy Hour prices all night at Sapphire Club in Soi 15 Walking Street. Also on Walking Street, Pin-Up Agogo offers a 90 Baht Happy Hour. These are just a few examples of the multitudes of Happy Hours in Sin City.  

Without further ado here’s my Pattaya Photo Gallery!



Daves Raves — My publishing schedule is Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

Dave The Rave is a unique Thailand Nightlife Guru with vast professional experience in Bangkok nightlife since 1999. Dave is still closely connected to Thailand’s nightlife and his blog remains popular worldwide. 


Robin’s Nest Pub Pattaya

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

It’s Just A Great Place To Be! 


Robin’s Nest Pub, Restaurant & Guesthouse is conveniently located just a few yards from the entrance to Soi LK Metro situated on Soi Diana, Pattaya.

I always stay here every time I visit Pleasure Playground. The rooms start at 750 baht for high season and just 500 baht in the low season. There are three types of nicely furnished rooms – Standard, Superior and Balcony. 

Robin’s Nest has the best bang-for-baht All You Can Eat Sunday Carvery. It is served weekly from noon and at only 345 baht, it’s a “real meal deal!”

In addition, Robin’s Nest is a clean, comfortable venue, with friendly staff, great pub grub, live sports, proactive management and among the best pub grub in town. Check it out! 

Quick Click – Visit Robin’s Nest Facebook HERE


Air Asia Creates Hilarious Blunder

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

A recent promotional campaign by AirAsia has caused a stir among the travel industry, especially in Australia. 

Apparently, the campaign slogan ‘Get off in Thailand’ has hit a raw nerve with the Aussie snowflakes and complaints have been lodged. 

For us observers, it is a hilarious blunder of mega proportions, albeit clearly an innocent mistake by AirAsia’s marketing team. This leads me to wonder if they should pursue a career in comedy writing.

Although clearly an oversight, this indiscretion is a nasty kick in the nuts for political correctness. Meanwhile, Australia’s Collective Shout Women’s Rights Group remain in a state of shock. 

Daves Raves – I almost spat my coffee out when I read it 🙂 

Air Asia apologises for its “Get off in Thailand” promotion | The Thaiger

AirAsia has now apologised following an advertising campaign using the phrase “Get off in Thailand” was posted around the city of Brisbane to promote the airline’s direct route to Bangkok. Collective Shout, a campaign movement against the objectification of women says the marketing gaff promoted sex tourism in Thailand.

Bangkok Booze Ban Update

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Due to the forthcoming Thai Elections there is a public holiday and a booze ban this Saturday, March 16th from 6:00 pm for 24 hours. 

It is unfortunate that the Thai Elections falls on Saint Patrick’s Weekend. However, the good news is that you can drink as much booze as you want this Friday, March 15th. 

Enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day at Stumble Inn Bar (Sukhumvit Soi Nana) and also at Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub (Sukhumvit Soi 23). 

Daves Raves! Details are on the posters below. Cheers!

Funny Foto From Chiang Mai

Friday, January 18th, 2019

They Call Him Lucky!

Buddhist amulets are very popular in Thailand and they are deemed by devout Thai Buddhists to bring good luck. In addition, they are worn to ward off any evil spirits.

Daves Raves – In the photo below Mr Lucky is taking no chances!


Thai Airways Fiasco Continues

Monday, November 5th, 2018


Thai Airways International (THAI) is in the headlines yet again for all the wrong reasons. This time Thai Airways International leaves passengers stranded in China for 10 hours. 

This follows a previous fiasco whereby THAI pilots, refused to take off until two deadhead pilots were given First Class seats. Eventually, two passengers gave up their seats for the pilots, then lodged an official complaint to Thai Airways International.

In this case, the two Thai Airways pilots were indeed stubborn deadheads! An official inquiry followed by embarrassed chief executives at Thai Airways International Head Office.    

Considering that they are (apparently) struggling financially, you would think that customer care would be their first priority. 

The full story is covered by the Bangkok Post below… 

THAI again under fire after Guangzhou flight cancelled

Criticised for its treatment of passengers in Zurich early this month, Thai Airways is again on the defensive after passengers were stranded in Guangzhou on Sunday.

Daves Raves – 26/08/18

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Celebrating 30 Years In Thailand

It’s amazing to think that my first visit to Thailand was 30 years ago. Some people reading this have not even lived that long. Oh boy, how time flies!

It was way back in May 1988 when I first travelled to Thailand to live on Sityodtong Thai Boxing Camp. This Thai Boxing Trip was sponsored by an Electrical Engineering Company (Steemson & Walden Ltd) from my hometown. I was featured by local radio and television companies based in the Midlands, England.

Situated near Pattaya, Sityodtong is the home of many great World Champions such as the legendary Samart Payakaroon. Most farangs stay at Thai Boxing Camps for a few weeks, I stayed over 4 months. I was besotted with Thailand.

Bangkok 1988

*This article is my first encounter with Bangkok during a scorching hot season*

My first impression of Bangkok was one of absolute bewilderment.  Taking in this city of contrasts was proving to be very challenging.  My initial reaction was to feel numb from head to foot from culture shock.

Bangkok is only one city, but it has one million confusions!

My senses were paralyzed from the very first moment I met Bangkok face to face; the tremendous noise, dreadful air pollution, appalling traffic, horrendous heat and utter chaos.  Bangkok was certainly living up to its reputation of having the world’s worst traffic congestion and lowest oxygen count.  If Bangkok was anything to go by, Thailand and I had certainly not fallen in love at first sight.

I began to wonder which one of Bangkok’s lethal attributes would kill me first — the deadly drivers, the kamikaze motorcyclists, the polluted air, the lack of oxygen… or would I just simply perish from the unrelenting heat?

The Thais call their capital Krungthep, which means ‘City Of Angels.’  I can assure you, I could not find anything remotely angelic about this catastrophic city on my first introduction.

I was full of great expectations moments earlier on the plane, anticipating the pleasures of being seduced by Siam, but I landed with a resounding bump and was only bemused by Bangkok.  I stepped out of the luxurious air-conditioned Don Muang airport and was tenaciously greeted by the savage furnace-like heat of Bangkok.

I gasped for air as the stifling atmosphere pinned itself to the back of my throat.  My initial thoughts turned to those of shock and I thought, I’m insane for coming here?  Yes, I reflected.  What on earth have I done?  Never before had I suffered the full effects of culture shock, but Bangkok was initiating me to it with the subtlety of a heavy whack on the head.

My friend, who came to meet me at Don Muang International Airport, read the expression on my face and uttered in a quiet voice, ‘It’s a scorching hot season, even the Thais are complaining about the heat this year.’  In a state of confusion I thought, how could anybody stand this heat?

We loaded my luggage into the boot and got into my friend’s car.  I sighed with relief, while I had a shelter away from the searing heat.  I was still numb as we began to crawl along the roads, clawing for every few inches we could seize.  It seemed to me that whilst on Bangkok roads, you are either riding on the wings of death or trapped like insects in a glass jar — there is no happy medium.  Waves of cool air soothed my weary body; I momentarily closed my eyes as the air-conditioner hummed its tune.

It is estimated that anywhere up to 10 million people reside in Bangkok alone, and several million vehicles cram the main roads into gridlock.  I was pondering the fact that it is not surprising Bangkok’s roads have such a notorious reputation.  Whilst I continued to struggle to come to terms with Bangkok’s roads, an entire family of four passed by us.  They were all crammed onto one tiny motorbike.  Was I delirious?

This massive, sprawling metropolis was not my idea of a tropical paradise.  At best, it was Central London at the worst peak of rush hour multiplied several folds.  Even more disturbing — what about the road users?  My Lord!  I was looking on in horror as vehicles of all kinds played dodge ‘ems with each other.  Streams of traffic were travelling at high speed bumper-to-bumper, crisscrossing in and out of any lane they cared to choose.  Just then, a motorcyclist passed in front of the rows of traffic diagonally.  Unbelievably, some of the traffic was quite evidently not even going in the same direction. It’s mindboggling to see them appear so blasé about it.

Suddenly, we broke away from the traffic jam, because an open stretch of the road appeared.  The speed of the other vehicles put my head into a permanent spin.  Young motorcyclists were weaving in and out of the paths of cars, buses and lorries, all with the daring of motorbike boy racers.  Furthermore, I was horrified to notice that nobody was wearing a crash helmet.  I was in a world of my own being entertained by this strange spectator sport.  I concluded that this was certainly not for the uninitiated.  I continued to be astonished by the way these daredevil motorbike riders negotiated intricate swerves and lane changes, all at death-defying high speeds.

Finally, we escaped the congested traffic of Bangkok and were on the way to Naklua, which is located near Pattaya.  A new adventure was about to unfold and little did I know how much it would change my life.

Soi Cowboy April 2018

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Little Las Vegas

Here are two new photos I took of Soi Cowboy in downtown Bangkok.

Labelled by some as “Little Las Vegas” this tiny lane has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

During recent sojourns down Soi Cowboy, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting The Dollhouse, Shark Bar and Lighthouse. All three of these pleasure palaces are great go-go bars to drink and enjoy a bevy of beauty!

The biggest claim to fame for Soi Cowboy is being used as a location for a few famous movies. This includes the machine-gun scene inside Tilac Go-Go Bar for the crazy film Hangover 2.

Daves Raves – I met some of the stars from Hangover 2 when I was at Angelwitch Go-Go Bar and they were a really friendly bunch of guys.



Nana Petrol Station Is Closed

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Note that the Nana Petrol Station is currently closed for construction.

This follows a fairly recent construction project, which is baffling. Why are the builders back again? It’s somewhat of a mystery to me.

This means that 7 Eleven and McDonald’s are also shut. The next 7 Eleven Shop on Soi Nana is opposite the Rajah Broadway Complex (previously Jools Bar).


Street Eat Beat

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Best Street Food in Asia

Bangkok has a vast array of mouthwatering street food. However, some international media reports wrongly stated that all street food vendors have closed their businesses. What the funk?!?!

This is not true and at times the Western media really is a big joke!

Bangkok’s street food is quick, cheap and delicious. It is an ideal way to soak up all that booze when you are enjoying the Bangkok nightlife. Enjoy!

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Is Bangkok In A Time Warp?

Sunday, March 4th, 2018


The rainy season appears to have started early, albeit at sporadic intervals. Is Bangkok in a time warp? March should be the beginning of the hot season.

Rainfall might not seem like a big deal, but in this city, it can make getting around much harder. It’s the only time of year I do not like.

Some taxi drivers do not stop when you hail a cab and motorbike taxi riders can disappear like a thief in the night. As for the unscrupulous taxi drivers who try to double the price, they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

Alternatively, you can do an impression of sardines in a tin can if you try to use the Skytrain. Don’t forget your umbrella fella!

Bangkok Royal Funeral Reminder

Monday, October 23rd, 2017


THAILAND –  The Thai people have heavy hearts, as they prepare to say goodbye to their beloved King Rama 9. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is deemed by many people, as the King of all Kings.

It is with great sadness that we announce the Royal Funeral dates. Please note, the official days are as follows; October 25th, October 26th and October 27th, with October 26th being the day of the Royal Cremation.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is regarded by many, as one of the world’s greatest ever King’s in history. His Majesty King Bhumibol had a good working relationship with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was reported that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth flew to Bangkok and personally signed the book of condolences.

Thailand and Britain still maintain a fairly close relationship, as they have for centuries. As historians will know, the Siamese Royal Princes were sent to study at England’s finest universities. How many countries have had that prestigious honour?

Paying Respects! His Majesty King Bhumibol will be remembered for his tremendous kindness to the Thai people. May His Majesty Rest In Peace.

Daves Raves! Many bars will be CLOSED on October 25th to 27th.

Top Tip! It’s respectful to wear black and/or white clothing, from October 25th to October 27th. Of course, it’s not compulsory for foreigners, but it shows you’re respectful and it will be appreciated by the Thai people.

Heads Up! The “Old City” in Bangkok will be packed full of mourners. It’s estimated that at least 250,000 Thais will be attending the Royal Funeral.


Top 25 Destinations In Asia

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

TripAdvisor Travel Awards 2017

(1) Bali, Indonesia

(2) Siem Reap, Cambodia

(3) Phuket, Thailand

(4) Hoi An, Vietnam

(5) Kathmandu, Nepal

(6) Hanoi, Vietnam

(7) Koh Samui, Thailand

(8) Bangkok, Thailand

(9) Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

(10) Tokyo, Japan

NB. A couple of honorable mentions are Chiang Mai (12) and Koh Tao (15). This means that Thailand made the Top 25 Destinations In Asia no less than 5 times.

Dave’s Raves – For those that doubt Thailand’s popularity, they can see for themselves in the article below compiled by Trip Advisor…

Best Destinations in Asia – Travelers’ Choice Awards – TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor – Travelers’ Choice Awards. Find out what the best destinations in Asia are as awarded by millions of real travelers.