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The Dollhouse Dolly Birds

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Dollhouse Go-Go Bar Pattaya

The Dollhouse Pattaya - The Dollhouse Dolly Birds

Today we feature some of the lovely lasses from The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar located on Soi 15 just off Walking Street in Pattaya. 

The Dollhouse Pattaya 01 - The Dollhouse Dolly Birds

At this particular Pattaya go-go bar, the bosses are proactive. These guys also own Club Electric Blue and not forgetting The Dollhouse XXX Lounge

Dollhouse Pattaya 02 - The Dollhouse Dolly Birds

The Dollhouse Bar is also active on social media, so check out their official account on this —>>> Facebook Page

Dollhouse Walking Street Pattaya - The Dollhouse Dolly Birds

Daves Raves – Soi 15 is a small side lane off  Walking Street

Dollhouse Pattaya 1 - The Dollhouse Dolly Birds

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Dollhouse Pattaya Opens VIP Lounge

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar down in Sin City, otherwise known as Pattaya are opening a XXX Vip Lounge. The concept is based upon agogo meets gentlemen’s club, all rolled into one. Knowing these guys there will be a few surprises too.

This Friday, September 22nd is the Soft Opening of the XXX VIP Lounge, which promises to provide plenty of pampering and pleasure! This is a format the Thailand’s nightlife scene should have adopted many years ago.

Dollhouse Pattaya - Dollhouse Pattaya Opens VIP Lounge

The concept is to combine the best of East and West, with the raunchy bump ‘n’ grind of Thai gogo dancers and the Western strip club format. The modern day gentlemen’s clubs partly do this, but certainly not entirely.

Daves Raves – I wish The Dollhouse all the best for endeavouring to introduce something fresh to the gogo bar scene in Pattaya.

The Dollhouse is located down Soi 15 Walking Street.

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