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Tsunami Thailand – Boxing Day 2004

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Today I woke up on Boxing Day morning and the world was much the same for me, as it was yesterday on Christmas Day. But, for thousands of people their world was changed forever on Boxing Day 2004. It is exactly 4 years to the day that the deadliest Tsunami in recorded history devastated the tropical island of Phuket. On Koh Phi Phi alone out of the 3,000 people on the island that morning only 1,500 people survived. It was a devastating loss of life.

My good friend Aaron Le Boutillier was on Koh Phi Phi that fateful morning, but fortunately he survived. Aaron has since then published “And Then One Morning” which tells the harrowing tale of the horror he witnessed. This is a very special book. It is not only well written, but the most important thing is – ALL AUTHOR ROYALTIES TO BE DONATED TO THE VICTIMS OF THE TSUNAMI. 



LEST WE FORGET – Please take a moment to visit the Page that I have entitled, “Tsunami Thailand.”

Halloween Night Fever

Thursday, October 30th, 2008




The time has come. Those ghastly ghosts and grisly ghouls are joining other creatures of the night for Halloween in Thailand. Forget about the critical credit crunch and enjoy a Halloween Party in the Land Of Sanook! It is time for all the big boys and girls to enjoy some scary fun. So bar guys and bar girls, make sure you are in the right place at the right time. Halloween in Thailand’s naughty nightlife is unrivalled across the globe for fun factor. But, make sure that you are with a lady of the night and not a creature of the night. In some places, it’s hard to tell the difference. We want orgasms not exorcisms! (more…)