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NANA PLAZA BANGKOKIf you are looking for a place in Nana Plaza to start your “booze cruise” there are a few options.  I think that most of you guys know that Big Dog’s Bar is a popular choice.  Not just because of its location, but also because Big Dog’s is genuinely a good place to hang out.  With two shifts of bargirls, why wouldn’t it be?  Big Dog’s Bar is a favourite choice of oasis for bestselling author StephenDEAD MEN Leather.  For the uninitiated, Stephen Leather is the author of Private Dancer.  While we are on the subject, if you enjoyed Private Dancer, you might want to read Confessions Of A Bangkok Private Eye.  Steve was the ghost-writer for a series of real private eye investigations in Bangkok by Warren Olson.  Some people are unaware that Steve is a bestselling thriller writer.  His latest thriller is Dead Men.  Steve has just returned to Bangkok for a break away from Farangland.


Cathouse on the middle level (directly above Big Dog’s Bar) is open from late afternoon and they offer special prices on their standard drinks.  Recently Cathouse has introduced yet another Happy Hour.  Cathouse have a “beer buffet” which comprises of “all the beers you can drink” for 499 Baht.  This applies to ALL beers, which includes Beer Lao and San Mig Lite.  In addition, Willem runs a more standard Happy Hour, where house beers and spirits are only 59 Baht.  If you are in Nana Plaza early, go to Cathouse and give it a try.  The friendly Dutch owner Willem will make you welcome.  Cathouse will undergo some alterations today to make the seating arrangements more sociable.  The alterations are not major, so the bar will remain open.  Cheers for the cheap beers!


If you are looking for a go-go bar with a good Happy Hour, then Pretty Lady is the place in Nana Plaza.   Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar run a Happy Hour up until 9:00pm, where standard drinks are only 80 Baht.  My friend Pierced Pete said, “Pretty Lady is a good warm up bar.”


Currently the closing time in Nana Plaza remains unchanged at 1:00am.  However, word on the street is that the early closing might ease off at the beginning of May.  As one Nana Plaza go-go bar owner said, “I will believe it when I see it.”


SHEBA'S GO-GO BARClosing times are a bit more relaxed in Soi Cowboy and the current time is 1:00am-2:00am.  It just depends on when the boys in brown decide to show up.  Remember that Soi Cowboy is located in Tonglor Police District and therefore, Soi Cowboy is under different jurisdiction.  Nana Plaza falls under the jurisdiction of the Lumpini Police District.  The underlying reason for the early closing is due to political problems that we cannot openly discuss.  You can take my word for it that it is serious stuff.  But, let’s see what happens.  We have seen it all before and this early closing can’t last forever.

The recent Songkran water warfare was at its best in Soi Cowboy.  The Dirty Doctor sent this piece to me…

“Attending the Songkran festivities the seasoned observer can spot things a first timer may miss.  Aside from the soaking wet bar girls running and screaming up and down Soi Cowboy, avoiding the iced water and the powdered shampoo attacks, they do have a well demonstrated talent when it comes to the big high power water guns.  When a bargirl takes that gun in her hands the first thing she does is start to pump it up with internal pressure with long deliberate strokes until it reaches its maximum internal pressure.  Then when she is sure it’s ready, she points the gun in the direction of her choice and makes the gun discharge a long wet stream.” 

*Mmmm!  Does that sound like your gun?*



READER – What type of clientele is Nana Plaza attracting these days? 

GO-GO DANCERS NANA PLAZADAVE THE RAVE – It’s definitely a case of a melting pot.  The current clientele is a mixture of tourists (including couples and groups of men and women), infrequent visitors, businessmen, expat residents, Asian men and some high rollers (big spenders) too.  The amount of tourists visiting Nana Plaza has increased over the past few years, whereas expat residents are spending less time in Nana Plaza.  In many cases, it’s not because expat residents don’t visit Nana Plaza anymore.  It’s because they are no longer here.  I know a lot of expat residents who have left Thailand for various reasons.  A current problem is that a lot of companies have relocated to another country.  This is obviously beyond our control, but this is what is happening.  One other factor is that Soi Cowboy has become more popular.  Many of my friends split their nights between Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and their local pub or club.  Furthermore, some people forget how vast the nightlife scene is in Bangkok.  When you take into consideration the total amount of venues, there is a lot of competition.  


AFTER DARK ASIAJameson’s Irish Pub is the newest and largest Irish pub in Bangkok.  It is so BIG that I have labelled it the “Jolly Green Giant.”  But, although it is a cavernous pub, they certainly pull the punters in.  I must say that Jameson’s management have done a fine job.  Immaculately furbished, you can almost smell the money that has been poured into this establishment.  As with any new venue in a massive metropolis like Bangkok, it has taken Jameson’s a little while to become established.  In recent weeks Jameson’s decided to have a change of management.  The newly appointed manager Tim is doing a terrific job.  Tim was formerly the manager of Kilkenny Irish Pub in Pattaya and Coyote in Phuket.  Tim has already increased sales considerably and Jameson’s is now attracting customers from surrounding pubs.  Jameson’s is a proper pub ran by professionals.  Jameson’s Irish Pub is located on the ground floor of Holiday Inn in Silom.  Every Tuesday night there is live music from Asia’s best Beatles tribute band.  From 9:00pm you can enjoy Beatles hits performed live by “The Better.”



The multitalented singer/guitarist Richie Walker is no longer playing at Soi 8 Pub on Mondays and Tuesdays.  That’s a shame because I used to enjoy going to listen to Richie in Soi 8 Pub.  But, there is good news, because Richie has got a new gig.  Doug Harrison, the friendly American owner of Bourbon Street (Washington Square, Soi 22) has recently hired Richie.  This is great news!  Richie will now perform every Friday and Saturday nights at Bourbon Street from 8:30pm until late.  I can tell you that this guy is no part-time pub singer, just go and listen and you will see what I mean.  Smart move Doug, because by hiring Richie it will make the award-winning Bourbon Street even better than it is already!

Attention bar owners!  If you are interested in hiring Richie for a live entertainment spot during the week, please send me an email and I will forward it to Richie. 

Email Dave The Rave -

Here is a brief bio about Richie Walker:-

SUNRISE TACOS BANGKOKFormerly a studio musician in New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and Taipei, Richie also fronted his own band in America and Canada.  Richie was a highly rated solo artist in Taipei and was awarded Taiwan’s “Golden Horse” which is a local music and movie award.  The title track single from Richie’s album “Why Are We Still Strangers” went into the top ten of the Taiwan charts.  Currently, Richie is “The Morning Show” DJ for the new 98.5 BREEZE FM radio station in Bangkok.  As you can see from this brief bio, it’s fair to say, Richie is a tremendously talented singer and guitarist.  As I listened intently to Richie’s superb renditions of Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Roy Orbison, the Doors and the Beatles, (to name but a few), I soon realised how versatile he is.  Richie has such a repertoire of songs from a various decades and artists, that I would hazard a guess he will suit most tastes.  Bourbon Street is well worth a visit for not only superb cuisine, but good live entertainment too.


PRIVATE DANCERPattaya will see a new venue with a difference opening up very soon.  Pattaya Pete, the former owner of FLB on Walking Street is launching Pattaya Beer Garden.  Although there is no ownership connection to the Bier Garten (German Beer Garden) on Soi 7 in Bangkok, Pete has adopted the concept.  Well, let’s say Pete has adopted the concept in theory.  I say that because Pattaya Beer Garden is located at the end of a pier with a lovely sea view.  I’m not sure where the “garden” will be, but perhaps it is aquatic?  Pattaya Beer Garden is located on Beach Road near the entrance to Walking Street, on the pier behind the Siren Beer Bar Complex.  This will be a new concept for Pattaya in some ways.  There will be NO bar fines, NO lady drinks and NO bar girls on the books.  However, freelancers are welcome, but guests will be left to their own devices.  It sounds an interesting concept and it’s just a matter of attracting the people.  The Opening Party will be held on Tuesday, April 29th. 

Dave The Rave has labelled Pattaya’s new venue “Beer On The Pier.”  You might even spot a few merry Brits singing, “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.”


Guess whose birthday it is soon?  Next Wednesday Dave The Rave will be celebrating his 45th birthday on April 30th.  Please visit Angelwitch Go-Go Bar next Wednesday for my birthday bash.  You will be most welcome.  Cheers!         


There are a number of mechanical devices that increase sexual arousal, particularly in women.  Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz convertible.  (P.J. O’Rourke).



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