Thailand Tourism Is Down But Not Out

The closure of Bangkok’s international airport has created a HUGE blow to Thailand’s tourism industry andeconomy. Bangkok’s top class hotels and restaurantshave beenhit hard. Even though Bangkok’s airports are now fully operational, recovery for Thai tourismis going to be slow. Combined withthe global economic crisis, Thailand did itself no favours. Ironically, the type of tourists thatThailand endeavours to attract have been driven away. Single males seeking fun-in-the-sun are now what is keeping part of the Thai economy afloat.The fun-in-the-sun seekersor ‘mongers’ will walk through warzones to get what they want. I dare say that some families who were caught up inBangkok’s airport crisishave possibly been scared away for life.

Thailand’s tourism is down but not out for the count. Amid the nightlife scene in Bangkok, the popular go-go bars in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza arestarting to get busier. It’s theluxury hotels, airlines and tour operators that are really suffering. Thailand needs to be grateful to the ‘mongers’ but the Thais will never admit that fact. During this global economic crisis, Thailand’sluxury hotels and restaurants have to realise that they are just too expensive. Whether they do anything about the problem remains to be seen…

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